Tuesday, October 4, 2022

‘grown-ish & Broke’ Will Pay Off Your Student Loans!

ESSENCE, Freeform, grown-ish & Broke
ESSENCE x Freeform ‘grown-ish & Broke’ Student Loan Payoff

*Today, ESSENCE and Freeform announced the launch of “grown-ish and Broke” a debt payout program for students with undergraduate and student loans!

Submissions for “grown-ish and Broke” will be accepted from February 20 to April 30. Entrants have to upload a 60 second video or a 300-word essay detailing how paying off their loans would be a dream come true. Award categories include a grand prize up to $75,000; first prize up to $50,000; and second prize up to $25,000. In addition, all winners will receive an amazing trip with a guest to the 2020 ESSENCE Festival of Culture in New Orleans from July 3rd through 5th.

Click here to enter!

“It is critical more opportunities and programs addressing the alleviation of this financial hardship be created so our next generation can focus on making their dreams come true,” explained Michelle Ebanks, CEO of ESSENCE Communications, Inc.

The innovative program will give students a financial head start so they can focus on their future. Student loan debt is now the second-highest consumer debt category, with more than 45 million borrowers owing nearly $1.6 trillion in the United States and nearly 85% of Black bachelor’s degree recipients carrying student debt.

“As ‘grown-ish’ continues to dive into these relatable topics on the show, we’re so excited to be able to help bring a small contribution to those facing them in real-life,” expressed Jamila Hunter, SVP, Current Series and Alternative Programming, Freeform.

The topic of student debt will be a featured storyline in an upcoming episode of “grown-ish” airing February 20, as one of the show’s characters, Aaron, played by Trevor Jackson, comes face-to-face with his looming student loans.

ESSENCE, Freeform, grown-ish & Broke
ESSENCE x Freeform ‘grown-ish & Broke’ Student Loan Payoff

The junior year season of “grown-ish” airing Thursdays on Freeform, follows the gang as they return as confident, eager and seasoned upper-classmen. With new living dynamics, shocking life changes, daunting repercussions and reality kicking in, they quickly realize that they have been mistaken about the disillusionment of adulthood. The series continues to dive into challenges facing real-life students including student loans, work/life balance, mental health, self-care, and of course, messy breakups.

For more details on how to enter, visit Essence.com/grownish





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