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Acclaimed Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Teams with H&M to Launch Her ‘Ruthless’ Fashion Line

David Oyelowo, Ruth Carter, Ava DuVernay
David Oyelowo, Ruth Carter, Ava DuVernay

*Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth Carter has teamed with H&M to launch her first fashion collection on Thursday, Feb. 13.

“People think that I got into costume design because of fashion, but it was really the vivid stories that I was reading by poets and playwrights that made me want to get into storytelling through costume design,” Carter tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Fashion was not on my radar. I was, rather, introduced to fashion through costume design. I started to understand how to use color and fashion and direct it to character.“

Cater admits that she initially had some reservations about partnering with H&M, “I didn’t want to all of a sudden be considered a fashion designer; I still wanted to be a costume designer, inserting myself into the fashion world, so I really had to think about how I wanted to communicate that.”

Her 11-piece Ruth Carter x H&M collection features hoodies, shorts, joggers and a bucket hat, the report states. Many of the styles were inspired by her work on various films, including Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.”

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Via THR:

In the H&M collaboration, the word “Truth” and  the phrase “Trust Your Voice” are emblazoned on pieces, while a hoodie and T-shirt share this quote by Carter: “I think we’re going to look back at this time in fashion and say there was a statement being made, and that was, ‘You can be who you are and unapologetic.’ And that, I think, is really wonderful.”

The Ruth Carter x H&M ad campaign, in collaboration with Hollywood stylist Ade Samuel, uniquely presents itself as a Podcast titled, “And That’s the Truth, Ruth!

“I’ve always been drawn to the Afro future,” Carter tells THR. “It’s been called different things throughout the years; back in the ’90s it was ‘neo-soul’ and there was a lot of interest in colors of the liberation flag (red, black and green) and color-blocking. It’s made a comeback today, which is exciting, because I was always inspired by the messaging that the liberation colors represented — being independent and strong, knowing about the authenticity of your culture.”

She continues: “I am reintroducing the big, strong, saturated liberation colors and the idea of learning to trust my voice as an African American woman who went the distance creatively. I feel very strongly that trusting my voice is what got me to the Dolby stage to win the Oscar.”

Check out her collection via the Twitter video embed above. 

Carter recently wrapped costuming for Craig Brewer’s “Coming 2 America,” due out in December.

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