Thursday, September 29, 2022

Eric Trump Defends Father Against Backlash Over Alice Johnson Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]

*Eric Trump is speaking out against the backlash his father has been hit with over the Trump campaign’s Super Bowl ad.

Eric believes liberals are angry over the ad because it highlights what Democrats have promised but have been unable to deliver for decades when it comes to criminal justice reform. 

The ad features Memphis grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison for cocaine trafficking. She was released in June 2018 under the First Step prison reform act, and Trump’s ad shows her emotional release and thanking the president.

Johnson is now a paid advocate for Trump’s criminal justice reform, touting his message around the country.

Speaking with Hannity on Fox News Monday, Eric said Democrats have long pledged to reform the criminal justice system but have failed to take the initial steps to do so.

“It’s one of the reasons they were enraged about the Super Bowl commercial. I was so proud of my father,” he told “Hannity.” “What he did with prison reform is incredible and justice reform … and that was one incredible case.”

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kim kardashian, alice johnson
Kim and Alice Johnson

Folks across social media are furious that Trump is taking the credit for Kim Kardashian’s work advocating for Johnson’s release, reports. 

On Sunday, former Rep. Bakari Sellers was among Trump’s vocal critics, tweeting, “That ad was offensive AF,” he tweeted before adding, “The “I freed a Negro” ad.”

One Trump supporter responded: “Of course Democrats and Progressives are offended…This President did something when their President (Obama) did nothing.”

Meanwhile, Eric praised Kardashian for her role in urging Republicans to implement the First Step Act.

“[The president] did something about it, and it’s driving the Democrats nuts, that something they tried to run on, that they would always promise and didn’t get done and that reminds you of the Democratic Party in general: They always say they are going to get things done and they never do.”

In case you missed it, scroll up and watch the Alice ad via the YouTube player above. 

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