Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cast of Disney + Film ‘Timmy Failure’ Has Only Just Begun Their Creative Career Paths

*In just 3 days, Disney + subscribers will be able to have access to one of the streaming networks’ first original movies: “Timmy Failure, Mistakes Were Made.” The movie was also the first Disney-branded movie to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

It’s a fun, family-friendly comedy and mystery based on Stephen Pastis’ books of the same name. Much like how “Harriet The Spy,” inspired kids in the mid to late 90s to become private detectives in their own neighborhoods, Timmy Failures storyline may inspire that same kind of imagination and exploration in its younger viewers today. And what the movie may do for its audience, is also what seems to be happening for its young cast.

“It’s a real honor to have an original movie to come out on Disney Plus. Most kids have grown up watching Disney and it’s every kid’s dream to be able to work on or just be in a movie,” said Chole Coleman, who plays Molly Moskins, Timmy’s classmate and friend in the film.

Coleman is making her way up the acting chain herself, with not only this film, but many others like, “My Spy,” set to be released this March, where she’ll be acting alongside major actor Dave Bautista. She’s also been plucked for James Cameron’s Avatar 2 film, set to hit theaters in late 2021.


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But just like Timmy Failure goes on a quest to find his prized possession, Coleman and her co-star Winslow Fegley, who plays Timmy Failure, are also on a quest as young, talented actors to begin shaping their own identities and voices in this industry. Coleman says she’s even started thinking of other interests and talents she’d like to explore in the near future.

“For me, I’ve been into writing a lot,” Coleman says. “I’m interested in either writing or directing something, even at a young age.”

She says horror, drama and fantasy are all interests of hers when it comes to flexing and broadening her creative muscles. Coleman wouldn’t be the first budding child star to want to spread her wings either.

Marsai Martin, who’s made a name for herself in the ABC hit show Blackish, is just 15 years old, and has not only acted alongside stars like Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Regina Hill but has also produced several films and started her own production company, Genius Productions.

With similar aspirations, Coleman could be headed in that direction as well, given she’s already been listed in the Hollywood Reporter’s Top 30 actors under the age of 18.



As for Fegley, who has worked with Disney before, in the series “Fast Layne,” he says, for now, acting is where his head is at, after all, it’s in his blood.

“I’ve kind of learned from them,” he said of his parents and siblings who have all been bitten by the entertainment bug. “But no one forced me into acting, it was my choice. I saw my brother and sister auditioning and thought ‘that’s really cool.’ And it’s just spun off from there.”

Timmy Failure’s personality in the film is quite peculiar and strange, a bit dry, deadpan and detached type of character-a departure from Fegley’s personality, yet he explains was the compelling pull toward the character and the dynamic of acting as a career for which he truly enjoys.

“Timmy is different, well he’s different from me, so I kind of had to change my personality and be the character, but it was a really awesome experience,” Fegley said.

With talent and interests in things like the arts, and playing piano, Fegley knows acting isn’t the only thing he’s good at doing, it’s just the one thing he’s focused on now.

The film “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made” starts streaming on Disney + this Friday, February 7, 2020.





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