Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Here’s What Tisha Campbell Accused Martin Lawrence of Doing in her Sexual Harassment Suit

Remember when Tisha Campbell sued Martin Lawrence for sexual harassment and quit “Martin” for four months? With the two co-stars of the Fox sitcom back in the news over this, we’re revisiting the feud that left ‘Martin” Gina-less for a hot minute during its final season in 1997.

Earlier that year, Campbell accused Lawrence of sexual battery, verbal abuse, groping her and trying to tongue kiss her on set. Lawrence denied all of her accusations. She quit the show in November 1996 and sued the comedian for sexual harassment the following January.

Surprisingly, Campbell settled the lawsuit just four months later and returned to the set in April 1997 to film the show’s final two episodes, but under one unusual condition: Lawrence wasn’t allowed on set when Campbell was filming. For “Martin’s” final, one-hour episode on May 1, writers and editors had to make them look like a loving couple on-screen, when in fact, they were never in the same room.

All of this was rehashed this month while Lawrence was out promoting Bad Boys for Life.” Asked by GQ magazine how he was able to move past Tisha’s allegations of sexual harassment, the DMV native said, “None of that was true. It was all bullsh*t.”Campbell told the ladies of “The Talk” that his comment had her “shocked,” and led her to send him a text.

Read all about how that text led to Martin’s IG post below here.




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