Monday, August 15, 2022

Former Endeavor Air Pilot Arrested After Vandalizing Airport with ‘MAGA = NO N*GGAS’ Graffiti

James Ellis Dees

*A pilot for Endeavor Air, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, was arrested after scrawling racist and pro-Trump graffiti around the Tallahassee airport, police said. 

James Ellis Dees, 53, has been charged with nine counts of criminal mischief for writing racial slurs about Blacks and Hispanics, including the phrase “Send them ALL Back,” in restroom stalls and parking elevators, according to a probable cause affidavit, reports. 

He also scrawled “#MAGA,” and “#TRUMP4EVER,” in several locations around the airport. 

The racist graffiti was reportedly discovered between Dec. 23 of 2018 and Dec. 14 of 2019, according to the affidavit.

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donald trumpAccording to, in October 2019, graffiti was found on a vehicle in a parking lot and said, “#MAGA,” and “=NO N*gs.” The most recent graffiti incident was on December 14, in a parking lot elevator, that stated, “#MAGA #NO N*GS #NO SP*CS #TRUMP4EVER.”

Surveillance video led investigators to Dees. 

Dees admitted to writing the #MAGA graffiti three to four times, according to court documents.

Police said in the arrest report, “After Dees confirmed that he had written the above graffiti, he was allowed to leave. He began to get on his flight, but then decided he was not in the ‘right state of mind’ to fly a plane. Dees left the terminal but then re-approached (Officer) Wright. Dees stated that he is a ‘responsible person’ and wanted to do whatever it took to put the incident behind him. Dees then left the airport to return home.”

Endeavor Air said in a statement, “These actions in no way reflect the values of Endeavor Air and this individual is no longer employed by the airline.”

“(Dees) admitted that he was the one who had been writing the #MAGA oriented graffiti on the walls,” according to Tallahassee police officer Keith Campbell. “Dees stated that he has been going through a ‘really rough time’ and has anger issues.”

Dees is no longer employed with Endeavor.


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