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Cynthia Bailey Has No Issue with Her Teen Daughter Living in L.A. with Her Fiancé

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*Cynthia Bailey is speaking out about why she has no issue with her fiancé living with her daughter on the west coast.

We previously reported… 19-year-old Noelle moved in with her mom’s fiancé Mike Hill, while she pursues her acting career. Bailey remains residing in Atlanta.

While recently appearing on the It’s Bravo Betch podcast, Hill revealed:  “Noelle’s living with me right now,” the said in November on the It’s Bravo Betch podcast, adding that he is friends with her father, actor Leon Robinson.

“She’s out here in L.A., she’s pursuing her goals of acting. She’s a superstar… She’s an influencer, so she’s doing her thing for YouTube and her YouTube channel. That’s my daughter. I have three daughters: Two biological daughters and my bonus daughter in Noelle,” Hill said. 

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noelle robinson
Noelle Robinson

In a new interview with The Daily Dish, Bailey explained that her man has more of a packed home than people know.

“One of the things that a lot of people don’t realize is Mike’s other daughter’s Kayla’s in L.A. as well. She just started UCLA,” she said. “Now Kayla’s been there as well. She just really started, you know, being on the campus. But she’s home on the weekends as well, so it’s not just Mike and Noelle, it’s really the three of them and we recently just discovered that [Mike’s other daughter] Ashlee wants to move to L.A. as well so it looks like all the girls are gonna be in L.A. so I can get out there.”

Mike, in on the chat, co-signed her statement, and he couldn’t be happier.

“I went from having a four-bedroom house by myself to now looking like I need to upgrade my house…now Cynthia’s also spending a lot of time out there. So I like it,” he said. “I love having a lot of people in the house and just feeling that love and that joy. But Noelle’s been a joy being out there and whatnot and she’s no bother at all and she’s just doing her thing. Noelle’s my daughter. I don’t look at her as my stepdaughter.”

During an interview with MadameNoire last year, Hill spoke about the criticism he received online for housing the teenager.

“I’m looking at it like that’s my blood,” he said. “What are you saying about me? What are you saying about her? Are you questioning my character? My daughters come live with me so what’s the big deal? I look at Noelle as my daughter so if she comes to live with me while she’s doing that or whatever and Cynthia is in and out, I’m not thinking or having any second thoughts about that whatsoever.”


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