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THE REAL: Johnny Gill Stops by AND Loni Was ‘Duped into a Date’ – WATCH

*On Thursday, Jan. 16, the hosts of “The Real” discuss laws and thought processes they feel need to be changed to help people of color receive better healthcare.   Co-host Amanda Seales recalls her experience with a medical condition that was would have been overlooked if not for her assertive mother.

Have you ever been on a date without knowing it? Co-host Loni Love recounts the time she was invited out by a friend who wined and dined her with other intentions in mind!

And R&B singer Johnny Gill stops by to talk about his album Game Changer 2, the current status of New Edition, and his competitive rivalry with friend Tiffany Haddish over the game of spades.

Laws and Thought Processes Need to Change to Help People of Color Receive Better Healthcare

Amanda Seales: It is so deeply rooted in systems and in history that this country has had in, just really, access. So, first of all, like, when it comes to medical access. Like, black people just didn’t have the same access to medicine and to hospitals and so, there’s a certain culture of how to handle yourself in healthcare that a lot of black people simply just never learned and don’t know and haven’t had access to. And, culturally, going to the doctor is still something that as a black community, we’re still trying to, like, enforce and teach. I’ve seen a lot of memes that started coming up on Instagram trying to teach people how to handle themselves at the doctor  so they can get the treatment that they want- like making sure that if you ask for a test to be done and it’s refused, telling them, “Please put that on my chart.”

Loni Love: Right.

Amanda: You know, that you’re holding the physician accountable. Making sure that you try your best to bring someone with you…

Loni: Take somebody with you.

Amanda: So that you’re not the only person fighting on your behalf. You have another person there to not only to have your behalf, but to be a witness for anything shady that goes down. Right.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yes.

Amanda: And, also, just simply understanding that you deserve to have a voice.  A lot of times…

(The Real audience applauds)

Amanda: A lot of times we think it’s the doctor, the doctor knows everything. The doctor knows everything…

Adrienne Houghton: You gotta ask questions.

Loni: Ask questions.

Amanda: The doctor has all the knowledge. And we think we don’t have the right to ask questions. We think we don’t have the right to know about what they’re going to do to us. You know, I had a wrist fracture when I was younger and I told my mom, “I feel like I have a stress fracture.” And I had been to this doctor before and the doctor said I didn’t. He said I didn’t. He was like, “No, you’re fine.” But my mom listened to me. Also, listen to your kids, by the way. My mom listened to me and was like, “I’m gonna tell him.” And so she emailed him and said, “You know, Amanda still doesn’t feel comfortable with the diagnosis that you gave her. I’d like you to continue to review her chart.” It was Thanksgiving weekend. I think he just wanted to get out of the office early. And so he ended up actually heeding my mom’s, uh, serious, “do this” and he actually looked at my chart. Not only did I have one stress fracture, I had three in my wrist…

Tamera: Wow.

Amanda: And it turned out that I had missing bones in both hands and some kind of like congenital something. But it was like, because my mom is a nurse and I think that’s what made her feel, you know, strong to be able to be like, “no”. But a lot of people feel that they can do that, and they should, and have agency.

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