Friday, May 20, 2022

CLeo TV’s Lens of Culture – The Hottest Addition to Travel Shows

*Do you love to travel? Want to learn about fascinating places? Cleo TV’s “Lens of Culture” is going to be right up your alley! This show is the newest little guilty pleasure for the traveling elite.

So What’s It About?

This cultural traveling guide is packed with sex appeal and adventure. It even features producer and TV personality Tai Beauchamp alongside celebrity photographer Elton Anderson. Both have joined hands to bring audiences first-class travel experiences through their unique perspective. Episodes cover a West African escapade, a trip through the Caribbean, and even a weekend trip to Miami.

Why They’re Worth Your Time

Both Beauchamp and Anderson are also known for their great personalities and down-to-earth vibes. This is why if you are a fan, you’re going to fall head-over-backpack for their love of culture, food, people, and travel. So, go ahead and fasten your seatbelts as Anderson and Beauchamp engage with well-known travel experts and discover world-class destinations.

So, where should you expect to see Beauchamp and Anderson travel? Their destination includes Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Ghana, Harlem, St. Thomas, and so many more!

Elton Anderson - Tai Beauchamp (screenshot)
Elton Anderson – Tai Beauchamp 

What Sets Lens of Culture Apart from Other Shows?

The authenticity of the two hosts! Both Anderson and Beauchamp have managed to present a very unapologetically Black persona for every destination they visit. Part of this experience is the amazing connection both hosts share, sort of like traveling buddies.

Beauchamp said, “It’s your authentic experience that people want to see. You do it for them, but you want to give them a real lens and a real experience that you are connected to and to have this experience with someone who is really, really a travel enthusiast, who enjoys culture and also loves people, was a powerful experience for me.”

The duo contributes so much more to the show besides hosting it. Since they are the consulting producers, they also had a lot of input in what locations they choose, where they choose to travel, and what they would highlight in all of their visits.

Would you believe that the show is completely unscripted! The one thing that helped both of them on the show was their wonderful chemistry. Also, before the show was launched, Anderson had already captured a huge collection of photos from about 78 countries – all of which were from his personal travels!

Anderson said, “The encouragement to be my authentic self that she always assures me is loved and appreciated is probably the biggest thing for me.”





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