Friday, July 1, 2022

Black Toys, Music and Animation; ‘Playful Genius’ Creating Black Kids Black Dreams

Munson Steed & girl & books
Munson Steed, the man behind ‘Playful Genius’

*Playful Genius takes a refreshing approach to educational books and toys. The company was created by Munson Steed, CEO of Rollingout magazine, to encourage little ones of all ethnicities to develop their imagination, healthy self-esteem and explore knowledge.

Steed believes that when a child sees themselves reflected in the world as brilliant, intellectual and creative human beings it opens up their minds to a world of infinite possibilities of what they can be and achieve. Playful Genius has developed three brands with this in mind; Little Professor Skye, Atom Smart and The Plush Crew.

The Little Professor Skye, the first brand created, is geared towards inspiring little girl to explore the
exciting world of science. The main character, Skye, creates ideas and adventures in her lab and assists people to encounter the different realms of science. Struck by the statistic that girls were not taking advantage of opportunities in the scientific job market, Steed originated Little Professor Skye to motivate young ladies to delve into the world of science and help them realize that science is fun and interesting.

Atom Smart, a black boy with bold blue hair, was created to help kids explore space. Adam uses the disciplines of science, math and engineering to explore the vastness of space and all the amazing things out there. He designs a spacecraft with a set of helpers who are engineers to achieve his goal.

The Plush Crew helps children reinforce the building blocks of learning. Children need multiple ways to support the lessons that they gain in classroom and the Plush Crew are there to make it fun and exciting to learn.

Playful Genius has also created animation and music to encourage the fun of learning. You can experience, explore and learn different aspects of these characters by the links below:


Skye and the Highlights – Apple Music

Candles – Apple Music






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