Friday, January 22, 2021

Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Who Sliced off His Penis Gets Married! [VIDEO]

*Last we heard about rapper Christ Bearer, he had cut off his penis and jumped out of a window while high on PCP — that was five years ago. Today, the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate is a newlywed, runs his own self-named clothing and accessories brand, and he is currently working on a new album

The 46-year-old emcee, real name is Andre Johnson, shared with TMZ that he wed his longtime friend Cheryl on December 30. As noted by the Daily Mail, the rapper claims that despite his self-inflicted mutilation, he performed well (sexually) on his wedding night.

Johnson previously revealed that doctors were unable to reattach his severed genitals, but that he has ‘some penis left.’

“I always say a penis is a penis,” Johnson told the New York Daily News months after his accident in April 2014. “I definitely still get extremely aroused if I see a beautiful woman.”

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Christ Bearer, real name Andre Johnson and wife

In a 2015 interview with, VladTV, Johnson detailed being at a drug party in North Hollywood when a combination of PCP, meth, Molly, alcohol and depression stemming from child custody issues drove him to take a knife to his penis.

 “I was high as a mother****ing man, with no sleep and just frustrated ’cause I could not talk to my babies, he said. .

“And I’m paying like three child support payments and I’m seeing none of my kids, and I really thought for that moment in time that I really hurt myself by not having a vasectomy or whatnot.

“I was going to give myself one.”

That’s when he grabbed a steak knife and hacked away at his genitals. 

“Due to the fact that it’s not a myth, the black man do – I’m not really going to go into it too much – we hangin’, so I’m still able to work with what I’m able to work with, and get it down,’ he added.

Jumping out the window, he said, was not a suicide attempt. 

“How I jumped was just so heroic,’ the rapper boasted. ‘I supermanned out that motherf*****.” 

Scroll up and hear him tell it via the clip above. 


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