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Matt Barnes Says Appearing on ‘Basketball Wives’ with Ex-Wife Gloria Govan is ‘Biggest Mistake’ [WATCH]

*Retired NBA player Matt Barnes chopped it up with VladTV this week and stood by previous claims he made that appearing with ex-wife Gloria Govan on “Basketball Wives” is one of his biggest mistakes.

Describing the show as a “negative, untrue” depiction of the lives of pro basketball players, Barnes said a year or two into BBW, he and Govan started to have issues.

“I was kind of being a young athlete and she was just kind of becoming known in the entertainment space so she was kind of feeling herself, so that kind of came to a head in 2010, my first year with the Lakers. We split for 10 months, I want to say,” he said. 

As reported by MadameNoire, they would get back together, but it just didn’t work. According to Matt, “we just found each other at the wrong time.”

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“I just think — I don’t even blame the show for us breaking up, by any means. I just think once you open up that book to allow people to look at your private life, you can’t get mad when people comment on it,” he said. “That was my hardest thing. These people, at the time, were talking about the mother of my children and some people were even crazy enough to talk about my kids, so it took me a while to understand that we allowed this. We gave them access to our life so we can’t cuss everyone out in the world who has something to say that I don’t like about my family.”

“I don’t blame the situation. It probably didn’t help, but it also opened my eyes to behind the camera and the TV side and that’s what I’m doing now, and realizing that it’s not tough to create shows, but quality shows,” Barnes added. “I think there was a whole deception of how this show was supposed to be and the franchise has made money and been successful, but it’s just a horrible depiction of, I think, what they’re trying to perpetuate to begin with. It started this whole reality TV fiasco.”

Barnes recalled the time the cast was over to their family home in Season 1 and tried to convince him into spilling tea about his teammates amid the Tiger Woods cheating scandal.

“We had the whole cast over to our house in Orlando, and the way they kind of plant sh-t and each person, they were trying to tell one girl to ask me something. So basically, it just came down to everyone looking at me like, ‘Well what are you guys doing on the road? What do your teammates do on the road? I’ve seen you talk to Tiger’ and all this other sh-t. I was like, hold on. I called timeout right away. I was like, ‘I’m not doing this sh-t,’” he said.

“I’m the only current player in a relationship…one of the only people, Shaq and I, that’s in the league representing “Basketball Wives” and I’m just like, you think I’m a f–kin’ snitch on [anybody]? It’s just something I saw early on of just how scripted everything was and how drama-filled they wanted everything to be.”

He added, “They never wanted to see me, Gloria and the twins happy. They wanted to see like me and Gloria fighting, and Gloria fighting with the other girls, and early on it was just like, I’m not with this sh-t,” he said. “I tried to pull her but she was under contract and they threatened to sue her and do all this kind of sh-t so she had to stick in there, but it was a mess from the beginning.”

Hear Matt tell it via the clip above. 

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