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Kandi Burruss Says It’s ‘Scary’ Eva Marcille Doesn’t Remember Her Shady Comments [VIDEO]

*“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Eva Marcille has a habit of making shady comments about her castmates and when confronted about it, she feigns ignorance and denies ever having said anything offensive. 

The former model was called out yet again during Sunday’s episode when Porsha Williams asked her about the scathing comments she made to Kandi Burruss about her C-section scars and blog reports regarding fiancé Dennis McKinley’s cheating. 

As noted by MadameNoire, Marcille initiated denial mode, even when producers played back her comments to support what Burruss said.

“That was definitely not what I said,” Marcille responded. “I did not say anything about forwarding a blog. Porsha, I am sitting here telling you, in front of her, with her, that that wasn’t the case.”

However, Porsha wasn’t buying it, as she has witnessed Eva deny the offensive statements she has said to others in the past.

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Burruss further addressed Eva’s memory loss during her weekly “Speak on It” vlog. 

“The weird thing is with the whole Eva situation is that as hard as she was going about she didn’t say it, which obviously, they only show you a little bit, but she really has repeated multiple times that she did not say that,” she said. “I think in her heart of hearts, she really believed that she didn’t say it, which makes me believe, okay, she says things and doesn’t remember what she says, which is a little bit scary for her. To be in a position where you just [word vomit] and then you don’t remember the stuff you put out there in the world, that can put you in some bad situations.”

When asked by a producer on her YouTube series if after three seasons of Marcille being on the show, is it possible that Eva hasn’t gotten the hang of how reality television works, Burruss said: “I don’t really know because we’ve had her in multiple situations where she’s claimed that she did not say something and then it comes back and you know, most of the time she be done said it, so it’s just kind of like, is this a habit? I don’t even know what to rule this to,” she explained..

“At the end of the day, the crazy thing is, I actually really like Eva,” she added. “I think she’s cool, I think she’s fun. But do I second guess anything she says? Of course.”

Hear her tell it via the YouTube clip above. 

Kandi also had a message for Eva following Sunday’s RHOA episode — peep the IG embed above and SWIPE.

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