Thursday, August 11, 2022

Walter Mosley Reveals He Quit ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Over His Use of N-word

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*Famed author Walter Mosley has revealed that he quit “Star Trek: Discovery” following complaints about him using the N-word in the writer’s room.

As reported by Page Six, Mosley recalled the incident in an op-ed for the New York Times on Friday, noting how he resigned from the CBS All Access series after HR had a talk with him about his language.

“I am the N-word in the writers’ room,” the “Devil in a Blue Dress” author replied when first “chastised” for his use of term.

Mosley noted in his Times column that he did not call anyone in the writer’s room the N-word, he was simply “telling a true story as I remembered it.”

“I just told a story about a cop who explained to me, on the streets of Los Angeles, that he stopped all n—ers in paddy neighborhoods and all paddies in n—er neighborhoods, because they were usually up to no good. I was telling a true story as I remembered it,” he wrote.

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“There I was being chastised for criticizing the word that oppressed me and mine for centuries,” Mosley added.

“There’s all kinds of language that makes me uncomfortable. … But I have no right whatsoever to tell anyone what they should and should not cherish or express.

“I do not believe that it should be the object of our political culture to silence those things said that make some people uncomfortable.”

He insisted, “If I have an opinion, a history, a word that explains better than anything how I feel, then I also have the right to express that feeling or that word without the threat of losing my job.”

He said his answer to HR “was to resign and move on.”

“I was in a writers’ room trying to be creative while at the same time being surveilled by unknown critics who would snitch on me to a disembodied voice over the phone. My every word would be scrutinized,” he wrote.

“Sooner or later I’d be fired or worse — silenced.”

Read his full op-ed for the New York Times.

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