Thursday, April 22, 2021

Tyrese Gibson Urges Fans to Become ‘Social Warriors’ Against Racism [VIDEO]

*Tyrese Gibson is using his platform to speak out against racism and social justice. 

In an exclusive interview with TooFab, the actor/singer says you don’t have to be a victim of racism to fight against injustice and systematic oppression. 

“If you say to yourself ‘Man, it’s really f–ked up to see what they are dealing with’ — who do you mean they?” the actor recently said outside of SiriusXM studios in New York City, as the beginning of a call to arms for those who are witnessing victimization and not attempting to right the wrong.

“Are you telling me you don’t care about cancer cause it ain’t showed up to your house yet, you don’t care about human and sex trafficking ’cause it ain’t showed up at your house yet, you don’t care about HIV, AIDS ’cause it ain’t hit your house,” he continued.

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“Well, we are living in America, being Black in America being Latino in America is real, and you would assume,” Tyrese paused and pointed to the nearby photographers, then continued, “Look at how many cameras are out here. Turn around look at these cameras, everywhere you go there’s cameras — and we still don’t feel safe.”

Gibson previously called out the so-called Black community leaders for being ineffective. He also slammed “today’s artists” for being too “afraid” to combat racism in Hollywood.

“This is my message to today’s LAZY LEADERS,” he wrote on Instagram back in 2016. “The ones who are so concerned about being black balled out of this town and industry that they would rather SIT on their hands and cry at home to their wives and girlfriends and not DO anything.”

“The ones who only pop and talk s–t on social media and DO nothing. The ones who wanna protest but ONLY protest when it’s convenient. It’s SAD SAD SAD to see that were still living in a generation of “Followers” and not enough REAL LEADERS.”

Scroll up and watch Tyrese explain it via the clip above. 

Ny MaGee
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