Friday, December 3, 2021

New Nicole Brown Simpson Movie Suggests She Was Murdered by Notorious Serial Killer [WATCH]

Nicole Brown Simpson movie

*In a shocking Hollywood twist, a new movie is on the horizon which proposes that O.J. Simpson may not have killed his wife Nicole Brown Simpson

Described as the “true story of the most notorious murder of the 20th century,” the upcoming film “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” suggests convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, better known as “The Cross Country Killer” or “The Casanova Killer,” may have killed her, per The Daily Beast.

Rogers has reportedly “claimed on numerous occasions that O.J. Simpson had hired him to break into Nicole Brown Simpson’s home to steal jewelry, and that the former football star told him, “You may have to kill the bitch,” the outlet writes.

The 2012 documentary, “My Brother the Serial Killer” explored the theory that Rogers murdered both Nicole and Ron Goldman.

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Directed by Daniel Farrands, “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” stars Mena Suvari as Nicole, with Gene Freeman portraying O.J. Simpson, and Nick Stahl as Glen Rogers.

“We wanted to present Nicole as a real person, a woman of strength and conviction and not just as a victim of a series of horribly tragic circumstances that ended in her untimely death,” says Farrands.

“Although the movie presents a controversial ‘what-if’ scenario involving a dangerous man who claimed to have entered Nicole’s life shortly before the murders, we don’t change the outcome of the story, and we certainly don’t exonerate anyone,” he adds.

“The murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman remain one of the most enduring and disturbing tragedies of our time. The issues concerning race, domestic violence, and the way we treat victims have sadly not changed all that much in the past 25 years. I hope the film sheds light on some of those issues and presents Nicole and Ron as human beings whose lives were unjustly and horrifically snuffed out on the night of June 12, 1994.”

Below is a clip from the film, in theaters and digital platforms Jan. 10.

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