Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mel B ‘s Ex Blocks Her from Taking Daughter to England for Christmas After Judge is Told She ‘Traumatized’ Child

Stephen Belafonte, Mel B*Mel B’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has scored yet another legal victory in their seemingly never ending post-marital battles. 

Belafonte has been successful in blocking their daughter Madison, 8, from visiting her mother in the UK for Christmas. According to the Daily Mail, a judge Thursday refused to let the child travel to England after hearing how she was “traumatized” by Mel the last time she was in the UK. 

We previously reported… the Spice Girl claims in court documents that her income stream in America has dried up since her judging gig on “America’s Got Talent” ended. She’s plotting a return to her homeland once her visa expires early next year, and hopes to take Madison daughter with her. But Belafonte ain’t having it.

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mel bOn Thursday, a judge refused to allow Mel B to take her youngest daughter to England for Christmas after listening to claims that little girl might be put in harm’s way.  

“I’m not going to put this kid in harm’s way, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas said at a hearing where Belafonte objected to Mel’s plan to spend the holiday in England.

Belafonte’s lawyer, Michael Hanasab, told the court that the last time Madison spent a holiday with her mother in UK, she was left “traumatized and begged and pleaded not to see her mother,” according to reports provided by the child’s therapist.  

“To have Madison travel to the UK right now is not in the child’s best interests. (Brown) has elected to abandon this minor child and she has caused this minor child great stress,” Hanasab said.

Belafonte claims that after Madison returned from a two week trip to the UK to see Mel in late November she told him her mother made sit in a dark room and repeatedly questioned her about her father and his personal life. 

“Madison told me she told her mother some things that were untruthful – just to make her mother stop questioning her,” Belafonte states.

“I believe the (sic) Madison will be further harmed and emotionally and psychologically abused if she is forced to travel back to the UK to be with her mother over Winter Break. In fact, I have been informed that Madison will suffer immediate harm if she is forced to travel to the UK. I have never seen Madison as distraught as she was after her return from London.”

Belafonte and Mel split in March 2017, finalizing their divorce in December 2017. 

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