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Wayne Brady Outfoxed Them All! Entertainer Wins Season 2 of ‘The Masked Singer’ – WATCH

*Well dang, who knew?! Nobody. Until he pulled the mask off. He said he came to win season 2 of “The Masked Singer” and that’s just what the one and only Wayne Brady did.

But when you think about it you can’t be too surprised. After all, Brady is one of a kind entertainer who can do it all. To get some insight as to how he pulled it off, Entertainment Weekly spoke to Brady after his big win and found out his own mother didn’t suspect he was Mr. Fox … even though she believed it sounded like her son.

masked singer wayne brady as mr fox-(photo-michael brecker-fox)
Mr. Fox was [email protected] Brady on The Masked Singer (Michael brecker/Fox)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You just won The Masked Singer! Is the outcome you wanted or did you just do this to have fun?

WAYNE BRADY: As I’ve said to other people in my life, I don’t have time to just do stuff for fun. When I do something, it’s with the full intent and my intention was winning. Whether I won or not, that’s up to someone else, but my intention was absolutely to win. I wanted to have people not be influenced by my face or that I make them laugh on TV to just to listen.

There were some viewers who thought you tried to disguise your voice. Did you?
No, not at all. When singing certain styles, you sound differently. I wish I could take credit for trying to disguise it. When we were briefed by the show, they said don’t try to disguise your voice when you’re giving the clues because they do that with an effect. So I didn’t want to try to “This is me, I’m giving you a clue” because then it would’ve sounded weird. And I never tried to disguise my voice during a song. It’s just how some of the songs came out.

Now it seems like most viewers still figured you out, though there was a good contingent who still held out hope that you were Jamie Foxx. How did that make you feel?
It felt great because it’s a win-win, right? So if a bunch of people watching the show said, “No, that’s Wayne Brady” then that’s awesome. People know my voice. And they like my voice and more so, than I thought. And then the fact that they think that it’s Jamie, that’s a win because I love him and I think that he is an amazing musician.


My favorite performance of yours was “Tennessee Whiskey,” but I definitely heard Wayne Brady in there. Was there one song that you worried it would really expose who you are?
No, because I had no choice but to just sound like me. I think if I would have tried to go, “Okay, I’m going to sing this song like this guy,” then I would’ve messed myself up. You know what I mean? Instead of really singing the song and giving it the emotion that it needed, then it would’ve become a comedy performance of me like when I was on Whose Line Is it Anyway. So I think I just sang the song and let it go. I was very impassioned about that song.

Are you going to cover it later?
Oh, that’s coming. That’s coming. Trust me.

Get the rest of this Waney Brady/’The Masked Singer’ interview at Entertainment Weekly.

EUR BONUS COVERAGE: Lookout for “Flirtin’ With Forever,” the first single from Wayne Brady’s upcoming album which drops in January. Watch it below.




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