Sunday, January 16, 2022

Social Media Users Mock White High School Cheerleader Getting Buck [WATCH]

White High School Cheerleader Imitating Stomp and Shake Goes Viral [WATCH]

*A hilarious clip of a predominantly white high school cheerleading squad has gone viral after a user named @charvonsworld shared the footage she captured during a sporting event at her niece’s school.

“Y’all I have been dying at this video of the cheerleaders from my nieces school,” she captioned the clip. “I’m in actually tears from crying.”

The video shows a cheerleader giving her best attempt at the stomp and shake but she fails miserably. One Instagram user said, “This is so dry and unseasoned LMFAOOO black girl look like “what have I gotten myself into.”

Peep the cringeworthy moment via the Twitter video embed below. 

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Naturally, people on social media had a lot to say after watching the clip.

“Um … what is going on? I’m so confused. She looks like she is throwing a bad tantrum,” one user wrote. 

Another added, “The black girl on the end is holding her laugh in.”

A third said, “I wish this was my high school I’d be laughing at this mess 20 years later.”

One user responded by posting her own cheerleading clip, stating that her team created the original cheer.  People are comparing the two clips to the backstory of the classic film “Bring It On.”


Ny MaGee
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