Sunday, January 24, 2021

Lori Harvey Reportedly Moves Out of Family Home to Live with Future

Future and Lori Harvey.

*A new day, a new update on the relationship status of rapper Future and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, Lori Harvey.

The couple is reportedly living together as rumors swirl that she is expecting his eighth child. 

According to (via SandraRose), Lori moved out of her parents’ home to live with Future in his penthouse apartment in Los Angeles.

There are reports that Steve and Lori’s mother Marjorie disapprove of her relationship with the hip-hop star. 

“I don’t know whether they approve of Future or not, but they don’t [meddle] in her personal business,” the insider tells MTO.

We previously reported, Future appears to have publicly claimed Lori as his latest boo thang in an Instagram story that showed the duo together in Abu Dhabi (see below).

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lori harvey

He posted a solo photo of Lori posing in an all-black ensemble in a hotel lobby, along with the caption “Flawless.” 

Lori was also Future’s special guest at his star-studded all-white birthday bash in Atlanta recently, Ace Showbiz reported. Steve Harvey is said to be against the rapper so much that he didn’t want him to join his family’s Thanksgiving in Los Angeles.

Future has seven children by as many baby mamas, while Lori has been romantically linked to singer Trey Songz, Memphis Depay and Sean ‘Diddy’ combs.

When Lori and her mother appeared on Steve’s talk show a few years back, Marjorie gave her daughter some dating advice that warned her against hooking up with rappers and athletes. 

Marjorie said, “Now you just started dating this year. How are we going to handle that? No athletes, no rappers, we going to go down the list.”

Lori responded, “When it comes to dating, my mom has nothing to worry about. I got this.”

Marjorie added, “Don’t ever try and fit in when God has clearly created you to stand out. Always be a lady. And understand you are the prize. Don’t give yourself to anybody that is not going to be your husband.”

She continued, “If they love you, if they really care about you, they will wait on you.”

If reports are true about Lori and Future, it seems the young socialite is ignoring her mother’s wisdom as she lives her best life. 

Ny MaGee
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  1. If she is preggers, they probably kicked her out to prove a point: You need to move in with him and let him take care of you and the baby, because getting him to pay child support is going to be a problem. Just ask his other seven baby’s mommas.


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