Sunday, August 14, 2022

The 2019 Mazda Miata is Bringing Fun Back

The 2019 Mazda Miata is a whole reason to get a new drop top

2019 MX-5 Miata Grand Touring RF

MSRP – $37,900

Driving should be fun, right? Petite, attractive, sporty, classy and most of all, fun describe this little hott Mazda Miata I had the chance to test drive on the open roads in Texas.

PYT – If I could call it anything, it’d be a pretty young thing, especially given this car’s history. It’s always been one of those underrated cute sports cars you’ve maybe noticed on the road. Remember the 80s version? We’ll this one will knock your socks right off. In this Soul Red Crystal (the name of the color) cutie, so many heads turned and so many thumbs up came flooding my way.

PYT won over the crowds, especially the men, surprisingly. I couldn’t really imagine many men in the car, but the love came pouring out from them. It’s definitely a head turner in the age of large bulky vehicles and the futuristic body style over-saturating the market. Plus, the ladies loved it. I put my grandma in this cute little car with the top down and she couldn’t help but say, “I feel sexy in this car.” Grandma, I did too!

Smooth Ride  – I’m not a fan of many sports cars, mostly because they don’t ride smooth. I remember checking out the Jaguar F-Type a few cycles back and feeling particularly disappointed because of the bumpy ride. But to its credit,a lot of sports cars feel that way. At any rate, the cute Miata held her own on the open Texas road for miles on end. With a high speed limit, she hugged the road’s curves like a glove and would rock a baby to sleep with ease. Driving was an exceptionally pleasant experience, so much so I often found myself looking for ways to stay on the road even after arriving to my destination.

Safety feature essentials – The Miata doesn’t over-do the safety features. Instead it gives you the essentials like lane departure alerts and proximity warnings with sensitivity levels that weren’t intrusive to the ride. I say the essentials because with a car so small and speedy, you want to command control over the road without the interference of some auto feature that corrects your steering wheel.

Space is for the birds –  Being a woman of about 5’9″ wasn’t ideal for this car. Had I been an inch taller, being comfortable would have been a compromise for road trips. Every car doesn’t fit every body and I certainly wouldn’t recommend people of a certain size to squeeze themselves into one of these. It’s low to the ground, headspace is minimal, and being a little wide might give you a complex. Also, don’t count on getting more than two small overnight bags in the trunk. Really it’s more like a motorcycle’s storage space.

Sport Mode – Let me be real. Although it’s technically a sports car, its 0 to 60 speed wasn’t impressive. But I’m also not complaining. It’s like a safe person’s sports car. I’m not much of a speed demon anyway. It maneuvers like a sports car, but doesn’t pick up the speed the way a traditional sports vehicle would. But you can get your kicks in Sport Mode, which I used a lot for the long hauls on two lane highways during those moments I had to pass stubborn drivers or big trucks. Sports Mode was sufficient for the kind of driver I am. The Miata feels like it’s built for folk that like fast looking sports cars but are in no need of the kind of acceleration with which a sports car is generally known.

Overall, it’s a fun car for sexy people. This hard top convertible is definitely an attention grabber and will bring the fun back to driving.




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