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Former Ad Exec (J.M. Muse) Pens ‘Mixed Blessings: Is Race Real?’ 

Mixed Blessings: Is Race Real? By JM Muse (Book Baby Hardcover, September 28, 2019, $24.99).

*Jo Muse is the author of marketing multiculturalism, a manifesto that seeks to exam how diversity will have an impact on global commerce.

Mr. Muse also tackled the issue of race in a most proactive manner when he founded the nation’s first multicultural ad agency.

Muse and his team added cultural relevance and social responsibility to major brands who profited from urban communities, but we’re hard-pressed to understand how to communicate with them.  Muse mounted several award-winning campaigns and became one of the most celebrated minority ad men in history.

Currently under the moniker J. M. Muse, his brilliance is at it again with his debut novel Mixed Blessings: Is Race Real? 

Mixed Blessings is a fictional tale that deals with how race becomes the cornerstone of our day to day encounters and impacts our relationships, whether personal or professional.  In Mixed Blessings readers will follow the journey of the Honorable Minister Kublai Khan, who dreams that his people can live without prejudice and domination. Kimberly Solberg, a Valley Girl and recent high school graduate wants happiness with a guy who doesn’t care that she is mixed racially. She goes to Juarez to find her roots, and the minister goes to the nation’s capital to fight for justice.

Their lives ultimately intertwine in Los Angeles, where they battle a racist, murdering white supremacist, Pastor Tucker Dalton, for the lives of their mixed-race children. Mixed Blessings: Is Race Real? is a fast-paced contemporary fictional tale about how women of color look beyond race, riots, and religion in relationships.

Jo Muse
Jo Muse

“From Mississippi to Madison Ave” 

Jo Muse was born on a red-clay road in Holly Springs, Mississippi, to parents who were the son and daughter of dirt farmers. Penniless and with the promise of fair wages from Henry Ford, the family moved to Detroit, Michigan, when Jo was two, going from welfare to work. What Jo learned from his parents was how to apply himself and work hard to overcome poverty, failure, and misfortune. He later worked his way through Michigan State University and New York University, majoring in advertising and journalism. That led to working for the American Stock Exchange in New York City and the Olin Chemical Company in Stamford, Connecticut. He married Carol Fox and moved to California to fulfill his dream of creating his own business, the first multicultural ad agency.

Jo is committed to the pursuit of excellence. He has long entertained audiences with his take on race relations. Mixed Blessings: Is Race Real?  his first novel will have readers thirsty for more from this unique and talented author.  Jo Muse is available for interviews.  Contact: Vanesse Lloyd-Sgambati      

This article also features editorial content by Vanesse Lloyd-Sgambati.

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