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Michael Vick ‘Passes the Torch’ to Ravens’ Lamar Jackson as Fastest QB in Madden History [VIDEO]

Lamar Jackson

*Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to a 45-6 win over the Rams on Monday, making him the “clear frontrunner for MVP this season,” according to For The Win contributor Nate Scott. 

Scott describes Jackson as “phenomenal” and “ fun” and “fantastic for the league.” But the also noted “He’s also someone a lot of NFL experts were wrong about.”

“There was the ridiculous argument that he should have played wide receiver when transitioning to the NFL. Some doofuses have argued that he’s too mobile, whatever that means, and that only NFL passers who stay in the pocket have succeeded in the league,” Scott writes. Adding, “These arguments are infuriating. In the cases of plenty of trolls, they’re most likely disingenuous.”

Meanwhile, it seems Jackson is leaving all haters and doubters in the dust as he breaks records on the field. He will become the fastest QB in the history of the popular Madden NFL video game franchise when the updates are made Thursday, USA Today reports. 

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Jackson’s speed rating increased to 96 from 94, the NFL announced Tuesday. Former quarterback Michael Vick, who previously held the record with a 95 speed rating, presented Jackson with a pair of cleats to commemorate the moment — peep the Twitter clip above.

The Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 are the same cleats Jackson plays in.

“It’s cool,” Vick told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s like the passing of the torch. I’m gone, but not forgotten. Look, with every highlight that Lamar makes, it reminds people of me. It will remind people of Cam (Newton). It will remind people of Russell (Wilson). It will remind people of (Randall) Cunningham. Donovan (McNabb), all the mobile quarterbacks who came before us and who are going to come after us.

“Whatever comparison you want to make, whatever you have seen, you can make your comparison to anybody you want to make it to. If it’s me, cool. If not, great. But we’ve got an echelon of guys who made mobility a cool thing in the National Football League. Guys who have made it a weapon.”

The cleats feature Jackson’s infamous “Not bad for a running back” quote, referencing the critics who suggested before the 2018 NFL draft he would be better suited as a running back or wide receiver. The cleats also feature the phrase “Your turn,” a reference to Vick’ “passing of the torch.”

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