Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Mel B Can’t Find Steady Work in America, Wants to Take Child with Ex Husband Back to UK

Mel B

*Mel B will soon head home back across the pond after her work visa expires, and , The Blast reports that she intends to take her youngest daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte, with her.

The Spice Girl claims in court documents that her income stream has dried up since her judging gig on “America’s Got Talent” ended.

“My United States Visa expires in February 2020. I will not be permitted to work or live in the United States after that point,” the documents read, according to Page Six. “During my marriage to Stephen [Belafonte], we lived in Los Angeles, where I worked. However, all of my sources of income in the United States have been exhausted. My contract on the show, “America’s Got Talent,” ended in September of 2018 after several years of my participation. I have not had steady income in the U.S. for over a year.”

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Mel’s ex, Stephen Belafonte — who lives in California — has custody of their 8-year-old on Wednesday nights and alternating weekends, so taking her to England could fuel yet another bitter battle between the former couple.

“As the court is well aware, my marriage to Stephen was unhealthy,” Mel added. “I was subjected to years of verbal and sexual abuse by Stephen, which included his active isolation of my daughters and me (including Madison) from my home and family in the United Kingdom.”

“In May of 2019, I had show rehearsals with the Spice Girls, and in June and July, we performed 13 shows in the United Kingdom, allowing me to generate my main source of income for the past year.”

“If I were forced to stay in the United States,” she continued, “I would be unable to maintain the standard of living to which Madison is accustomed. The rent for my two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is in excess of 88,000. On top of rent, I have to pay for monthly living expenses, bills, and attorney’s fees and costs.

“With my contract with “America’s Got Talent” ending over a year ago, and my Visa expiring very quickly, it is impossible for me to continue living in the United States.”

Mel B split from Belafonte in March 2017 after 10 years of marriage, and has since claimed her ex abused her during their marriage.

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