Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sergeant Suspended for Failing to Rush to Scene of Police Shooting That Left Detroit Officer Dead [VIDEO]

*The Detroit police sergeant who was suspended over how he handled the fatal shooting of Officer Rasheen McClain had previously been fired for being a coward while on duty, and now the department is now investigating how Sgt. Ronald Kidd was allowed to return to his job —  and be promoted to sergeant. 

McClain was fired five years ago after he stood by and watched a female officer get assaulted. He was able to get his job back — which Police Chief James Craig finds very troubling.

“I remember the case because it was so troubling to watch his female partner fighting a mentally ill person in a detention facility, and he stood by and did nothing,” Craig said during a press conference this week.

Kidd’s union intervened and helped him keep his job back through a plea deal. But Chief Craig noted that the plea agreement, which changed Kidd’s termination to a suspension after 68 days, had Craig’s signature forged on the document, reports.

Craig said “there is no way” he would have signed off on the deal.

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Rasheen McClain - Ron Kidd
Sergeant Ron Kidd (right) was suspended this week after it emerged he stayed in his patrol car to take cover as Rasheen McClain (left), a 16-year veteran of the police force, was killed in a deadly shooting a block away

In June of last year, Kidd was promoted to sergeant, due to union rules that allowed him to be put on the promotion list.

Kidd, a 21-year veteran of the Detroit police force, was suspended with pay on Monday for allegedly sitting inside his car a block away from an active shooting on Nov. 20 that killed Officer McClain. Craig said the sergeant was called to the scene but for reasons unknown,  Kidd opted instead to remain in his cruiser.

“His job as the supervisor is to go to the scene and secure the scene. You’re not supposed to go and set up yourself a block away,” said retired Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt.

“Cpl. McClain did request a supervisor,” Craig said at a vigil for McClain on Monday. “A supervisor was assigned. As we did our investigation we determined allegedly he did not go to the scene when this shooting incident happened..We are aware and saw video that supports he did not go to the scene. A grave concern for me and my team, so much so that we opened an investigation and he is currently suspended.”

Video from Kidd shows him talking to a younger officer while several other officers race in another direction toward the shooting scene.

 “They must know something we don’t know. We should get cover,” Kidd said, according to the chief.

“I know, at no time, where I have seen this kind of neglect, some could infer from my statements, some cowardice,” Craig said during the press conference.

“We will be moving very quickly to address this case,” he added, as many within the department want Kidd fired.


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