Friday, October 7, 2022

Media More Likely to Cite Video Games as Factor in Shootings When Suspect is White

*People who research the link between gun violence and video games have been discredited for quite some time now. Well, now the facts have been set straight and not only have these people been proved wrong but like many aspects of American life, mass shootings have been proved to be a race thing.

The latest reports compiled by the journal ‘Psychology of Popular Media Culture’ had combined two experiments that have the same conclusion. If a suspect in a shooting is white, the blame is placed on violent video games. If the shooter is Latinx or Black, then the common assumption is that they were brought up in a violent neighborhood.

Hmm, we’re sensing double standards too.

The First Experiment

Here, many students were asked to read a fictional report about an 18-year-old shooter who was said to be obsessed with violent video games. The students were 88% white and 65% female, while half of them got a mug shot of a Black man while the others received the mug shot of a White man.

The hypothesis of the experiment was proven correct when participants indicated that the Black person was involved because of a violent upbringing while the White suspect was thought to be affected by violent video games.

The Second Experiment

Here, keywords were used to search for the media coverage of mass shootings. Thousands of articles were analyzed for about 40 years. After the experiment’s end, it was found that about eight times more mentions of video game addictions were cited when the suspects were White as opposed to when they were Black.

One of the authors of the study at Virginia Tech cited an unknown bias in our systems for the differences in opinion when it came to criminals of both races. He said, “There are a lot of us out there who think we don’t have a racist cell in our body, but we are comfortable looking at certain explanations [for violence and crime] over others.”

Whether this influence is subconscious or caused by the media, it has managed to support the most corrupt facets of the ideology of White Supremacists. It has led to a mindset in which White people are inherently virtuous, while Black people are inherently rebellious.




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