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THE REAL Welcomes Musician Akon! Will He Run Against Kanye in 2024? – WATCH

*On Monday, Nov. 18, the ladies of The Real discuss whether they could imagine any of their co-hosts dating their exes. Jeanne Mai and Adrienne Houghton can kind of see how it could happen but Tamera Mowry-Housley and Loni Love say no way!

Also, if you are older than your partner in your relationship, would you be insulted to be referred to as the “elder?” And what do you think of Disney+ adding a warning about “outdated content” to some of its classic movies? Adrienne and Jeannie feel that the content should just be edited out, but Loni says people don’t need to be so sensitive.

Then singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist Akon joins the ladies to discuss being multi-lingual and bringing electricity to rural communities in Africa. He also reveals if he plans to run for president in 2024 – and if he would welcome the chance to run against Kanye West!

Akon Would Like Kanye To Run For President Against Him In 2024: “Kanye’s Not Crazy”

Loni Love: You said you were gonna fully – you were fully ready to run for president in 2020, but then you realized being the president you couldn’t do your music, so now that you’re doing your music one last time, are you planning on running for president in 2024?

Akon: That might be possible. See…

[The Real audience applauds]

Akon: I know how much – I know what the histories are, and as a person, and a immigrant, as a Black man, as… whatever you want to call it, I kind of know, or kind of feel like I know that I can take the country and move it forward.

[The Real audience applauds]

Akon: I really believe so!

Loni: ‘Cause even like going back to the Africa situation – it was your foundation, but you gathered, you know, sponsors, correct?

Akon: Well, not – what sponsored me was the governments.

Loni: Ok.

Akon: Because – a lot of people don’t really know, but I’m literally advising 30 African presidents as we speak.

Loni: See.

Adrienne Houghton: Wow.

[The Real audience applauds]

Akon: And it’s all based on the youth, the development of the youth, and things of that nature, so… And I’m everywhere in the world dealing with politics, so my foreign… you could say, experience is through the roof.

Loni: Right. That’s why you’re able to communicate.

Akon: 1000%.

Loni: You know they say – Kanye said he might run for president in 2024. You think you could beat Kanye?

Akon: Well, I don’t think it would be a competition. I honestly need him to run.

Loni: Really.

Akon: I want him, honestly.

Loni: Why you say that?

Akon: Because, it’s like this: Kanye’s not crazy. He’s just been awakened.

[The Real audience applauds]

Akon: My belief, ‘cause from a spiritual state, I just feel like he’s awake now. Now, he’s the most amazing marketer in the world. He understands his audience. But he’s definitely not crazy, He knows what he’s doing. My thing is, if he does run? It’s great for the culture. Now, whether or not you think he’s fit is another thing, that’s why you got me as a other choice.

[The Real audience applauds]

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