Tuesday, January 26, 2021

BLIND ITEM: When Two ‘Dark’ People Meet

blind items

*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

Reader Blind: Many years ago, these two men met briefly in an arranged meeting. They shared a glib sort of charm and good looks as well as celebrity. Person #1 who is deceased was in a place he could not leave. He is just as famous after his death as he was when he was alive and there have been several films about him including a recent one by that free spending company that is often written about here. 

Person #2 is an actor who at the time was A/A-list, whose career had suffered a serious scandal the year before. He is still active but is not a leading man anymore. He has also had success on TV. #2 was supposedly there to research a role which was to be his comeback after the scandal. The role was that of a charming sociopath. Until this point, #2 had largely played romantic leads in teen films and been in ensemble films with other actors and actresses of the same age.  

However, the real reason #2 was there was that he was and is a very dark person with some very dark behaviors. He wanted some advice from #2 especially on disposal of evidence.

Can you guess the players of the Blind Item?

Person #1 = ?

Person #2 = ?

Hint: Neither are people of color. Another hint: Person #1 is NOT an actor or artist/singer. 

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- currently living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertainment for various outlets, including Emmys.com. She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Pictures, and for iconic indie film producer Roger Corman.



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