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John Singleton’s Daughter Justice Singleton Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award on His Behalf at Inaugural Your Script Produced!

Your Script Produced

*(Beverly Hills, CA) – Your Script Produced! International Feature/TV/Short Script Competition finalists, judges and supporters attended the Season 1 Awards Dinner Fri., Nov. 8, at Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills and hosted by actress and Your Script Produced! ambassador and judge Sheila Shah.

The intimate affair honored 13 feature film and television submissions that spanned multiple categories – action/adventure, thriller/horror, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, drama, 1 hour original show and 1/2 hour original show.

Justice Singleton, daughter of late Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and director John Singleton, accepted the Your Script Produced! Lifetime Achievement Award on his behalf. During her acceptance speech, Justice said she is inspired by her father’s work and was happy to meet Bruno Chatelin, co-founder of, who introduced “Boys ‘N the Hood” at Cannes Film Festival and contacted her after John’s death.

She replied to Chatelin via email and said, “You know, my dad is gone, but I kinda want to retrace his steps. Not follow them, retrace them,” she said. She commended Your Script Produced! for recognizing writers and stressed the importance of the storytelling process, describing it as “a testament to the fact that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. And that’s my dad. He wrote in his journal every day. He wrote multiple scripts throughout a year and he’s probably more of an icon and hero than I imagined him to be as my father.”

Doval Bacall of Doval Bacall Films, Your Script Produced! founder, financier and producer, says the inaugural event was a success. “When an event occurs that is so organic that it transmits and snowballs on its own … that’s exactly what took place at Season 1 Awards Dinner last night as we congratulated all the winners and awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to the late John Singleton and in the presence of his daughter Justice Singleton.”


Justice singleton (center)
Bruno Chatelin, Justice Singleton, Doval Bacall, Sheila Shah (Ari Perilstein Getty Images for YOUR SCRIPT PRODUCED!)

Bacall added, “It was an honor and privilege to award the Lifetime Achievement Award to John Singleton’s legacy for all that he did in the filmed industry and for the opportunity that he had given and that payment for nurturing opportunities. When Hollywood says, ‘No,’ Your Script Produced will say, ‘Yes.’”

Season 1 Awards Dinner host Shah, an actress who made her debut portraying an FBI agent in “Saw V” and has appeared in “Rambo V” and recently filmed episodes of the television series “Professionals,” can relate to the Your Script Produced! finalists.

“Being in entertainment, I understand the importance and the challenge of getting your work realized. I love being part of Your Script Produced! as the most critical part of the process is the writing and the story. It’s wonderful giving a chance to new talented writers to thrive and have their script come to life, specifically, stories of our winners that focus on social good and impacting people’s heart and life. I am excited to produce Ted Campbell’s script alongside Doval Bacall.”

Social impact is important to Shah, who is an ambassador for numerous charities including CARE, White Ribbon USA and March of Dimes CA and an advocate for White Ribbon Canada. Her focus is on projects with a social impact towards the environment and empowering women and girls.

Chatelin, a marketing genius with more than 30 years experience working for major international advertising agencies, distribution companies Sony and UGC Fox and running and Major Buzz Factory, has serviced more than 6000 festivals and launched more than 200 films. He said being involved with Your Script Produced! provided the creative dose he needs.

“Stories, scripts are the only elements that can guarantee a fulfilling, entertaining film experience,” he said. “Nothing else matters so much. Stars and directors cannot shine if the story is mediocre. Filmmaking passion commands a relentless fight to get the story better. Your Script Produced! touches that very sweet spot that can produce fairy tales. My distributor’s experience with majors gave me the luxury to witness film fairy tales (‘Boyz’ N The Hood’ … ) and it’s addictive.”

Chatelin and Shah were among the esteemed judges who reviewed the more than 600 scripts submitted in attendance the awards dinner, including casting director Shannon Makhanian, actor Tim Abell, actor Tim Lounibos, Emmy-nominated producer and writer Genevieve Wong and marketing guru and film producer Al Maddin.

Your Script Produced! International Feature/TV/Short Script Competition Season 2 is accepting submissions at The second year offers higher prizes and grand prizes in film, television and short categories.

  • $250,000 financed feature production budget
  • $10,000 financed short film production budget
  • $10,000 financed TV production budget
  • Category finalists and Grand Prize Winners will be promoted in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety Magazine

Submissions close on Aug. 31, 2020. For pre-launch, early bird, regular, late and final deadlines as well as other submission information visit


Your Script Produced! International Feature/TV/Short Script Competition Season 1 Awards Dinner Finalists


Your Script Produced! Lifetime Achievement Award

John Singleton


Feature Film Finalists


Ultimate Grand Prize Winner: Feature Film

Ted Campbell – “Blue Motel”


Feature Film Category Finalists



Ben Matthews – “American Youth”

Paul Paseli – “Massacre in Monkey Bay”



Ted Campbell – “Blue Motel”

Luca Patruno & Robert Price – “BNB”



Tyler True – “Housewarming Party”

Howard Nash – “Here After All”



Darian Santiago – “The Color Scheme”

Bridget Addison – “Cherish”



Fernando Perez – “Mark of Kings”

Joseph Walters & Christian Clark – “Children of the Sun”


TV Finalists


Prize Winner: TV

Leia Vogelle & Iris May

“Midlife Drive-Thru”

TV Pilot – 1 /2 Hr Original Show


TV Category Finalists


1 Hr Original Show

Sally Ann Hall – “Assisting”


1 /2 Hr Original Show

Iris May & Leia Vogelle – “Midlife Drive-Thru”

Jodi Lynn Thomas – “Willa”


About Doval Bacall

After a successful career in real estate with his “The Bacall Brothers” family business with over 120+ million in real estate acquisitions and developments, top hotel brands, restaurants, retail brands, shopping centers, a burger franchise and Bacall Capital, Detroit native Doval Bacall shifted his laser focus attitude to the Filmed Entertainment Industry. Bacall always believed that in order to be successful, you have to help others, along with your surrounding team to succeed in order to be labeled as a success, therefore, he agreed to sponsor Your Script Produced! International Feature/TV/Short Script Competition.

As the founder and financier, Doval Bacall Films will finance, develop, package and produce the Ultimate Grand Prize winning feature script and provide monetary awards to other finalists.





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