Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Robyn Crawford Details Whitney Houston’s Alleged Abuse by Bobby Brown in New Memoir

whitney houston & bobby brown*More excerpts have been posted online from Robyn Crawford’s new memoir about her friendship with late singer Whitney Houston

Crawford describes Houston’s wedding to Bobby Brown in “A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston,” excerpted in PEOPLE, and recalls the years that followed were chaotic and abusive. 

In her book, Crawford writes: “A few days into the honeymoon, I heard talk around the office about an altercation between Whitney and Bobby. Someone on the yacht had placed a call to [Whitney’s father] John Houston telling him that something had gone down, and when the lovebirds returned, Whitney had a visible scar on the side of her face. The cut was at least three inches, running in a straight line from the top of her cheek down to the jaw.”

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Robyn Crawford, Whitney HoustonCrawford continues: “I asked [Whitney] to tell me what happened, and [she said]: ‘We had a disagreement. I threw a glass, the glass hit the wall, shattered, and that’s how the cut happened. Couples argue all the time and it’s never a big deal. Except when it’s me.’”

Crawford says she had doubts about Houston’s explanation.

“I did not believe her because it was a straight line and it took forever for Roxanna Floyd, who was her makeup artist at that time, to cover it up,” Crawford says. “And that scar stayed with her. So no, I didn’t believe that.”

Crawford claims her friend grew isolated during her marriage. “I saw and heard him speak to her in ways that were demeaning and talk down to her,” she says. “That [would] not make me feel good if someone was talking to me that way.”

Meanwhile, Brown recounted an incident where he hit his ex wife in his 2016 memoir, “Every Little Step.” But he also explained to Robin Roberts during a 20/20 interview that reports of him being a “woman beater” or “violent toward her” were false.

“I’ve never been a violent man toward a woman ever,” Brown told Roberts.

Crawford’s book is currently available for purchase at bookstores and online. 

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