Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jason Mitchell Claims He Doesn’t Know What Accusations Led to His Firing from ‘The Chi’ [WATCH]

*Jason Mitchell hit up The Breakfast Club to speak out about the sexual harassment accusations that were levelled against him earlier this year.

As we reported back in May, Mitchell was fired from the Showtime drama “The Chi” and dropped from the Netflix film “Desperados” — following complaints about his behavior from co-stars, including actress Tiffany Boone, who played his on-screen girlfriend on “The Chi.”

Back in August, Mitchell gave a brief statement on Instagram confirming he was no longer on series, and added, “To everyone commenting without any knowledge of what’s going please stop…and to all my supporters I appreciate you all and I’m sorry I will no longer be in (“The Chi”)..but don’t believe what you read in the media…”

During his conversation with The Breakfast Club hosts, Mitchell was questioned about what led up to the allegations.

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“To be honest I’m not 100 percent sure what the allegations themselves were,” Mitchell said at the top of the interview, per Complex. “But I can tell you what happened.” He went on to explain a situation related to his dismissal from the film “Desperados.”

“I went out with a co-worker of mine and she got drunk,” he said. “I made sure she got home and the next day it all kind of slapped me in my face, I’m not sure if her and her significant other had a situation…. I actually had a girlfriend at the time too as well, and I felt like I was doing the right thing. The next day they canceled the rehearsal, I told them my side of the story and I don’t know if there was something that I missed.”

He went on to talk about the situation with Boone, and denied engaging in any inappropriate behavior with her.

“If you try her, she will get you together right then and there, you know what I mean?” he said of Boone. “She not takin’ nothin,’ at all. I encourage people to be more like that, because had me and Tiffany ever had a situation where I don’t know, she might have felt sexually harassed, I can bet my bottom dollar, she would have told me about myself in that moment.”

He then noted how “The Chi” Season 2 showrunner Ayanna Floyd used the “#MeToo Movement as a really, really ugly weapon” against him.

“I might have unintentionally sort of intimidated her and I can take that L,” he said, referring to Floyd’s claim that she was a “target” of Mitchell’s “rage and inappropriateness” on set. “For me I can definitely take my L and say, I could have handled that better. There was a time where I could have just walked off. I didn’t have to say anything to her, I didn’t have to respond.”

Mitchell claims he was let go from “The Chi” due to his behavior on “Desperados.”.

Watch him tell it via the clip above.

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