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Immature’s Romeo Admits Rumor That Brandy is Reason He Had to Wear Eyepatch is True

Romeo Admits Brandy

*As a member of the 90’s boyband Immature, Jerome “Romeo” Jones was known for wearing an eyepatch for most of his career, which fans assumed was a fashion accessory, some speculated that he had an eye condition.

At some point, rumors emerged that singer Brandy was responsible for giving him a serious eye injury.

“That’s a true story,” Jones said on “Nick Cannon Mornings” radio show Oct. 30 of the long-standing rumor. “Her and [former Immature member] Half Pint had got into it and she had a book in her hand, just tossed it back not thinking I was that close, cut my retina, detached it.

“The lens to my eye had fell out,” Jones continues. “And, actually, Brandon Adams had caught it. He was there. So he was there holding my lens, he didn’t know what was going on. Marq come in and we tryna hide it.”

Marques Houston alerted the group’s manager, Chris Stokes, who rushed the singer to the hospital.

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As reported by Atlanta Black Star, many forget that Romeo called Brandy out for jacking up his eye in his song, “Look Down at Me” from his debut album “Food for Thought.”

“I remember when Brandy Norwood hit me in my eye / I had a detached retina, my lens came out I had to have tree eye surgeries,” he said on the track. “And she thought we’ll never be cool again / But I put that on my life / I love her to death / And if she hear me talking, I know she can hear the honesty in my voice and my sincerity / But you gotta get up.”

Along with Ty Dolla $ign, Brandy used to be a background vocalist for Immature. She has yet to comment on Jones’ rehasing of the story.

Immature (now called IMx), Ray J, B5, and J. Holliday on tour next month in numerous cities across the country.

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