Tuesday, August 16, 2022

THE REAL Welcomes Judge Jerry Springer & Tamera Recounts Her Scary Flight to LA – WATCH

*On Tuesday, Oct. 28, The Real welcomes back guest host Amanda Seales, and co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley is back as well!

Tamera talks about how scary it was flying over all the wildfires and who she texted while on the plane.

And do you research people you are dating? Co-host Adrienne Houghton recalls when she and Israel first started dating, she did some internet sleuthing to figure out whether or not he was still married (he wasn’t)!

The ladies discuss “adulting” and how hard it is, and Tamera reveals she called Loni a few weeks ago for reassurance about being an exhausted mom.

And actor, producer, politician, and now Judge Jerry Springer stops by to chat about his new show, Judge Jerry. He also reveals some surprising plans he’s thinking of for the cemetery plot he’s purchased and demonstrates whether he is up on the latest social media technology!

Tamera Recounts Her Scary Flight Over The Wildfires

Adrienne Houghton: Our girl Tam-Tam is back with us today!

Tamera Mowry-Houghton: Yay!

[The Real audience applauds]

Adrienne: We’re super excited about that! Now, Tam-Tam, you weren’t able to be with us yesterday because of the fires. Is your family OK?

Tamera: Yes. We’re all OK.

Adrienne: OK, that’s most important.

[The Real audience applauds]

Tamera: I feel like – I feel like I’m surrounded by fires, because you know I live up in Northern California as well. We lost power for the day. And then I had to fly over the fires, I thought I was gonna die. That was not a fun experience. The air was horrible. And I felt like our plane was on fire. ‘Cause you can literally smell the fire while you’re in the plane. And the turbulence? It was bad, you guys – I thought that was it. I literally started texting my family.

Adrienne: I didn’t get a text message from you.

Jeannie Mai: You didn’t text us because I didn’t – I’d remember…

Tamera: No! Because I will tell you! I will tell you! The wifi was going…

Jeannie: …the last message from Tam…

Tamera: Shut up. The Wi-Fi was going in and out and I was panicking. And literally there was a point where the turbulence was so bad, I just sat there and I was like, “Ok. All right, Lord. I just don’t want to feel anything. Ok.”

Adrienne: No, there are times it’s that bad. I never surrender though.

Tamera: You never surrender? It was that bad!

Adrienne: No, I just keep panicking.

Tamera: Have you ever been on a plane where everyone’s like [NERVOUS LAUGHTER], then after a while they’re like, “Oh, crap. This isn’t… this isn’t…”

Amanda Seales: “This is a real thing.”

Tamera: “This is a real thing.” Then everybody gets silent…

Amanda: I start squeezing the stranger’s hand next to me like “We’re in this together now!”

Adrienne: Really?

Jeannie: Totally!

Amanda: We’re in this together!

Adrienne: You already know this – I would start hollering for the name of Jesus, it’s a mess.

Tamera: I was speaking in tongues.

Adrienne: There we go!

Tamera: I was. I’m not playing.

Jeannie: You’re right about that group text, though. You know what? Oh see, I go morbid, but I would do a group text and just have it ready like so that – I don’t know. Is it weird that I think that like I would have a text ready to go.

Adrienne: A little morbid!

Jeannie: ‘Cause you need to just send.

Tamera: Let’s stop talking about this!

Loni: Let’s get into some Girl Chat, ok? What about that?

Adrienne: Before we do that, we want to still, for everyone out there that’s battling the blaze – the firefighters, the first responders – please stay safe. We appreciate everything that you are doing.

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