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Jury Takes Less Than 25 Minutes to Convict Gruesome Killer of Arkansas Mom, Her Two Kids

Michael Ivory Collins
Sick killer: Michael Ivory Collins

*An Arkansas jury deliberated less than a half an hour before finding Michael Ivory Collins guilty in the grisly triple murder of a young mother and her two children.

Collins, 26, and his younger half-brother William Burnell Alexander, 23, are accused of breaking into the home of Mariah Cunningham in December 2017 with the intention of robbing her of money they assumed she had. When they failed to find the money, Collins decided to punish the mother by forcing her to watch him murder her two children, A’Layliah Fisher, 5, and Elijah Fisher, 4.

According to the Daily Mail, William held the mother down while Collins stabbed A’Layliah more than 20 times and nearly sawed off her head, her brother was stabbed 14 times and decapitated. The two men then stabbed Cunningham than 30 times, killing her, reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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A’Layliah Fisher and Elijah Fisher
A’Layliah Fisher and Elijah Fisher were killed by Michael Ivory Collins.

Mariah’s grandmother found the family dead in their Little Rock home on December 5, 2017, the report states. Cunningham’s daughter Cheyanne, who was eight at the time, was not home that tragic day.

Instead of the cash they were seeking, the brothers stole a TV, an X-Box video game console and Cunningham’s Honda Accord, which was abandoned about two miles away from where the bodies were discovered.

Collins was arrested five days after the murders by US Marshals who tracked him down to an address in Chicago. After being taken into custody, he allegedly confessed to the murders in conversations with his cellmate, bank robber Marino Bernard Scott.

Mariah Cunningham, Michael Ivory Collins

Scott told investigators that Collins shared with him details of the murders because his dreams were being haunted by Cunningham.

“He said he couldn’t sleep … the female he killed was haunting him,” Scott told jurors. “[She] had demons in her” and the demons were coming to him in dreams.

Prosecutors are seeking lethal injection for Collins. His brother is scheduled to stand trial in November.

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