Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘New Girl’ Star Lamorne Morris Handcuffed by Police After Filming Friend’s Arrest Outside Hollywood Club

*“New Girl” star Lamorne Morris was handcuffed and detained by police outside a Los Angeles nightclub on Saturday, as he filmed his friend being arrested following an altercation with a bouncer.

According to TMZ (which captured video of the incident, above), the 36-year-old actor and comedian was at Avenue nightclub with a friend, whose face was bleeding when police arrived, but was still handcuffed and arrest.

Morris tried explaining to police that his friend was the one who was attacked. When he also began to film video of the incident on his phone — it led police to handcuff him as well.

“Now they’re arresting me!” Morris can be heard yelling as an officer placed him in cuffs. “I play a f**king cop on TV and this is how you treat me?” added Morris.

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Lamorne Morris (getty)
Lamorne Morris (Getty)

Morris is best-known for playing Winston Bishop, an LAPD officer, on Fox’s sitcom “New Girl,” which wrapped up its final season last year

TMZ reports that Morris was told by officers that he “got in the police’s space, which he scoffed at.”

Morris was eventually released, with no charges pressed.

“It’s so f**king whack, man, that’s crazy to me,” he told a TMZ reporter at the scene. “They walked up to the n***** that’s bleeding out the mouth and they put him in handcuffs. And I go, ‘Wait, somebody hit him in the mouth!’ And they go, ‘Well, someone said that he started something.’”

Morris said he tried explaining to officers that he and his friends were not the instigators.

“We are half a block away from the f**king spot!” he said. “But you ain’t questioning nobody else? And the only other person you put in cuffs is the guy recording you? Alright.”

He added, ‘They just put me in cuffs because he said I ain’t give him enough space. He said, “You didn’t give me five feet.” I said, “bro, I’m right here! That’s ten feet!’”

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