Thursday, September 16, 2021

Some Important Must-Read Articles by People of Color – VIDEO

*Despite all the awfulness, stellar articles by people of color have been providing comfort and clarity while illuminating the darkest moments of the year.

We have compiled a list of essays and articles that have shaped conversations about identity, politics, pop culture, and race when it was needed most. Go ahead and check out these thought-provoking and powerful reads from the past.

1.     How Journalists of Color Plan to Survive Trump’s America by Wilfred Chan

This article discusses what it will be like to be a journalist in the dark age of President Donald Trump. He even mentioned something which most of us are familiar today called ‘psychological tax’ which many Black journalists are forced to pay to succeed. You can still find some of Wilfred Chan’s works but he seems to be focusing more on self-care and survival nowadays.

2.     Black Life and Death in a Familiar America by Eve L. Ewing

This is yet another article that was published in the wake of Donald Trump’s election into office. In his work, Ewing delves into the deepest racial divides that have made their way into America from Chicago. He even uses the death of Joshua Beal (who was killed in a shooting) as one of his connective threads to explore correlations between ‘the rise of hate’ and Black deaths.

Eve L Ewing - youtube
Eve L Ewing (youtube)

3.     I Will Never Underestimate White People’s Need to Preserve Whiteness Again by Damon Young

For most of the Black community in America, the election of Donald Trump was quite like a rude awakening. It seemed like a harsh reminder that the country has unhealed racist wounds. These very feelings of Damon Young were eloquently captured in his work for Very Smart Brothas and he was very relentless against white supremacists.

4.     Mourning For Whiteness by Toni Morrison

Sharing her work for The New Yorker’s anthology, Morrison spells out the matter-of-fact reasons why Donald Trump managed to win the elections in 2016. “So scary are the consequences of a collapse of white privilege that many Americans have flocked to a political platform that supports and translates violence against the defenseless as strength,” Morrison writes.

All these writers featured in this collection, Toni Morrison included, want to direct attention to the fact that White supremacists aren’t as angry as they are terrified. Other works you should definitely check out include “Interview with a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks” by Jia Tolentino and “My Father’s House” by Reggie Ugwu.




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