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This Malcolm X Interview is Beyond Extraordinary – It is Absolutley Mind Blowing – WATCH

*Malcolm X was a God-fearing man who acted as the voice of the public for the Black Muslim faith while challenging mainstream civil-rights movement. He did so with the help of a nonviolent pursuit of integration that had been championed by Martin Luther King Jr. and kept urging his followers to defend themselves and their families against White aggression.

The X Signified His Rejection of His Slave Name

Born Malcolm Little, the X was added later as a protest against his slave name. Malcolm managed to become quite eloquent and charismatic as he managed to become a leader of the Nation of Islam. If you hadn’t heard before, the Nation of Islam was a combination of Black nationalism and the followers of Islam.

While he was the leader, he sought to enfranchise and encourage every disadvantaged young Black who was in search of confidence in an America that was segregated for the most part. Sadly, Malcolm X gained popularity after his death in 1965 which his bestselling book ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ was shared with the public. This is when all his ideas that revolved around Black youth was popularized.

This was exactly what laid down the foundation for the Black Power Movement, as we know it, of the 1960s and 1970s.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz A.K.A. Malcolm X

Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska and he was the son of a Baptist preacher who was, in turn, a follower of Marcus Garvey. When the Ku Klux Klan began making threats on his father, they had to move into Lansing, Michigan. Even though they were uprooted from their hometown, they still received similar threats here. This is where his father began preaching for the Black community to take control of their lives.

After Malcolm X’s father was slain in a way similar to the murder of Black Legionaries by the Klan, the family was still not left alone. His father was found with his head crushed on a side and also severed from the body. Even though it didn’t seem so but people claimed he committed suicide – which is also why the family was denied from death benefits.

After his father’s death, welfare caseworkers had tried to turn the children against their mother – which resulted in the nervous breakdown of Mrs. Little. She never recovered from that and Malcolm X was taken into foster care. This is when Malcolm resorted to a life of crime and went to jail for burglary.

It was in prison that he met Elijah Muhammad who was the leader of the Nation of Islam at the time. This is also when he had adopted the symbolic X in his name and later changed it to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz after he returned from the Muslim Pilgrimage which is known as Hajj.

The rest as you know is history.




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