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How to Organize Home Office – 8 Actionable Hacks!

*What’s the most important space in your home? If you are a regular office goer, it could be your bedroom or your kitchen, or even your washroom, for that matter. But if you are someone who works from home, then the most important place in your home has to be your home office. After all, your entire day revolves around it!

However, rather than adding to your productivity, this same place can become a source of unproductivity and stress, if left uncluttered.

The piles of papers and invoices that you have kept for months, even years. The pens and stationery items you once loved using. The gadgets that are meant to make your work easier and the wires that come in tow. All of this may stack up and create an overpowering mess before you even notice.

So, here are eight tips that can help you organize your home workspace a little better.

8 Hacks to Organize Home Office

1. Find the perfect spot

Well, you may already have a home office in place. But is it rightly positioned? Remember, well begun is half done. So, even if you are not creating a workspace from scratch, you may need to redo it to set it up properly. Make sure that your work area is away from the high traffic areas in your home, such as the entryway, hallways, etc. This will help you stay away from a lot of unnecessary noises and interferences. The key to concentration and more productivity does lie in a tranquil workspace. Once you have a quiet place that’s away from the hubbub of daily life, go and set up the base without any delay.

2. Care about the ergonomics

What’s the relationship between home office organization and ergonomics, you may ask? Studies reveal that improper working arrangements lead to discomfort, making you more susceptible to creating a mess. That’s why investing in ergonomic office furniture is a must for every home office. Republic Lab can help with finding the perfect office chair that can keep your spine straight and your shoulders strain-free.

3. Declutter

Keep your workspace just for one thing – work. So, take a look at every item. Discard, donate, or recycle things that are unnecessary or unrelated to your work. While it may seem intimidating, it could be a fun process as you progress. And, after the decluttering session, you will have much more space to keep your essentials in place. It will be worth it!

4. Keep them tangle-free

A basic rule of cable management is to keep the cables sorted and avoid tangling. You can either bundle the wires or stick them to the side of your desk with clips. There’s plenty of stuff that you can get online to save some space with better organization of your cables. In fact, you can easily get a good cable management kit or a sleeve which will hide the ugly mess that wires often create. With the right solution, you can get a clear view of what’s under your work table. And that will be one beautiful sight, for sure!

5. Cut the cord(s)

If possible, try to invest in wireless gadgets to clear the mess created by cables. From wireless keyboards to the mouse, get everything that comes wireless to free up extra space. Apart from looking attractive, they are great for increasing mobility, portability and allow you to keep your monitor screen a little away from your eyes when you work on your desktop or laptop.

6. Categorize, categorize, categorize

Alright, we could have written it just once. But then, writing it thrice shows that it’s thrice as important as any other  organization tip you will ever get. Create different categories to keep all your office stuff. For example, create a category for ‘office tools’ and put your scissors, stapler, hole puncher, ruler, paper trimmer, etc. in this category. Likewise, you can create a category for ‘mail’ and include in it all your envelopes, stamps, glue, and the rest. Once you have made all the categories, store the specific items in containers, bins, baskets, or cabinet drawers as per the categories.

7. Label all that you can

If you have never done this, you won’t understand how satisfying labeling is. It makes organization worthy enough of your time and effort. For you would definitely love the look of a neatly organized home office where everything has a specified place. So, get a good label maker and label all your office items. From files to containers, boxes, drawers, storage cabinets, and supplies – label everything. It will help you know what’s where so that you can access all your stuff faster and organize it better too.

8. Purge papers

Although this is an e-age, most of us still use a lot of physical documents every day. These papers slowly pile up, and before we know it, there’s an uncontrollable clutter around us. Or is it? Perhaps, you can control it! All that’s needed is regular purging. Make it a habit to purge the unwanted papers once every week. And file the important ones. Alternatively, you can even scan the important ones and keep them on a cloud computing space for easy, anywhere, anytime access.

Bonus Tip – Begin Now!
It’s great that you have decided to keep your home office organized. But why to procrastinate? Just begin now. There’s no other time better than the present moment. Seize it. And start with a bang. Take a quick look around you and start with decluttering. Or, even better, look for the right place to relocate or position your workspace. Stop thinking and start doing.
And while you are at it, don’t overdo things. A neat and tidy workspace indeed is all you need to work efficiently. But over-organizing things may leave you with little to no time to work. Thus, prioritize and act accordingly.



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