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THE REAL Welcomes Robin Thede, Deon Cole, and Guest Co-Host Tisha Campbell

*On Monday, Oct 7, The Real welcomes guest co-host actress and singer Tisha Campbell! Co-hosts Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley recount their trip to Atlanta this past weekend to attend the opening of Tyler Perry Studios, who they saw while there and how they took a picture with Beyoncé!

Tisha discusses her current role as a doctor on The Bold and the Beautiful, and reveals how difficult the medical jargon can be!

Then producer, writer, actress and comedian Robin Thede stops by to talk about A Black Lady Sketch Show and what, if anything, she believes is off limits in comedy.

And actor, comedian and writer Deon Cole visits to chat with the ladies about his Netflix special, Deon Cole: Cole Hearted, and shares the story of the time Stevie Wonder stole his girl!


Loni, Jeannie and Tamera Took A Photo With Beyoncé At The Opening of Tyler Perry Studios

Loni Love: I see this gold walk by, right? And it’s Beyoncé – I know Beyoncé anywhere, right? Beyoncé comes to talk to BeBe Winans, right? And so, I look at the girls, and I say, “This is our chance.”

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni: “Get up girls!”

Jeannie Mai: And we’re sitting there like, “Oh God. Oh God.”

Loni: Yeah, they’re like, “Oh God, what is she going to do?” I said, “No, let me handle it,” right? So I’m just standing there like this, and she’s, B is talking to you know, Bebe – B and Bebe, get it? – and they’re having a great conversation. And she turns and she looks at me and she instantly smiles. And I said, “Look at them,” and she saw Tamera, and everybody loves some Sister, Sister

[The Real audience laughs and applauds]

Loni: She went and hugged her!

Adrienne Houghton: Thank God for Tam!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: You wanna know what she said?

Jeannie Mai: What did she say?

Tisha Campbell: What did she say?

Tamera: She said, and I just about fell out – she looked me straight in the eyes and she said, “You’re amazing!” And I was like, [SINGS]!

Jeannie: And then she also said – she looked at me and said, “I love y’all’s show, man.” She said that about our show!

Tamera: She was very very sweet.

Loni: So, when I saw that happening, I said we had the synergy, right? I went, I was real quiet with it too, I was like, “Look…”

Tisha: Wait, let me be Beyoncé.

Loni: Ok, you gonna be Beyoncé. With all this, she was shining – I said, “Look, B. I understand if you want to say no, say no. And I understand if you say no.” I said, “But will you please take a picture with us.”

Tamera: She is crazy, you guys.

Loni: “It’ll be real quick – I know we ain’t supposed to take pictures, but if you just turn around real quick, my assistant is right there.”

Jeannie: And then what’d you say – she was like, “You guys gotta make sure I look right,” and you guys both pointed at me.

Loni: I said, “We got the light.”

Tisha: What did I say as Beyoncé?

Loni: You said, she said –

Tisha: What did I say?

Loni: You said, “Sure!”

Tisha: “Sure!”

Loni: And I was like, “OK! Y’all! Come on! Come on!


Loni: [POINTING TO THE SCREEN] And that’s the picture.

Tisha: Oh, that’s beautiful!

Loni: That’s the picture right there.

Adrienne: It looks good.

Jeannie: There was another moment…

Loni: Even Jeezy got in line, too! Jeezy was like [POSES]. I was like, “You know, bruh. You with us too!”

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