Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gospel Singer Erica Campbell is Not Down with Masturbation: ‘Where Does God Go?’

Erica Campbell

*Erica Campbell was asked her opinion about masturbation during an interview while promoting her new book, More Than Pretty.

As reported by Hot 97, it seems the gospel singer is not down with the act of self-pleasure, noting “Where does God go when you are self-pleasuring?”

She added, “Where does he go? Somebody asked me the question, ‘Was it wrong, was it right?’ I know some churches say for the brothers. ‘It’ll keep you from slipping up. Go ahead and handle yourself. I’ve heard some women say, ‘I take care of myself before I go out on a date.’”

Campbell believes if you keep your mind pure then you can easily refrain from sinful acts –such as touching your private parts. 

Erica Campbell

“I think about purity and purity happens before the actual action of whatever you do. Whatever you watch, whatever you listen to, whatever you do with yourself. Your mind being a place of purity is very crucial. But I think in our society today, everything is sexualized. You could be selling chicken and there will be a pair of boobs there. It’s just everywhere. So I think guarding your mind and guarding your thoughts and treating sex and sexuality as something beautiful that God created that’s supposed to be beautiful and otherworldly and you come together with somebody and your lives come together. It’s not so cheap.”

The Mary Mary singer realizes this is a topic that singles might have a different opinion about, compared to married folks.

“I got an amazing, fine, wonderful husband. I just don’t have to. I got a husband there. Now, I know for singles, it might be a different story but there are married people who would just rather handle it themselves. And I can’t imagine what your husband feels like. Now, I gotta compete with your toys. It’s too much,” Campbell said.
“That’s between you and God but I just think when you are trying to live a pure life when you are trying to hold yourself and keep yourself, for this beautiful, special wonderful moment or life with a spouse, don’t lessen it. Don’t cheapen it.”

What are your thoughts about Campbell’s masturbation stance? Sound off in the comments. 

Ny MaGee
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