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Michael B. Jordan on Reason Why He Turns Down Roles If His Character Dies

michael b. jordan

*“Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan credits his mother for convincing him to no longer accept roles that lead to his character’s death.

“I never thought about what my mom went through seeing her son die so many times and how she would cry so hard and it would tear me up, and when I got older and matured and started looking at things, I was like, ‘Man, I can’t do this anymore,’” Jordan admitted during the “Just Mercy” press conference at Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, per Us Magazine. “Part of the reason why I almost refused a lot of roles [was] because I can’t die anymore.”

He added: “I want people to see me live. I want for me, as a character, I want to survive all three acts. I want people to watch me right into the credits.”

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Michael B. Jordan attends the 34th Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Cinema Vanguard Award presented by Belvedere Vodka honoring Michael B. Jordan at Arlington Theatre on February 07, 2019 in Santa Barbara, California.
(Feb. 6, 2019 – Source: Getty Images North America)

Jordan said it was important for him to take a stand.

“Your audience gets conditioned to seeing you die also, so you want to be able to put those heroic tones in it, depending on, you know, leading man,” he elaborated. “That’s kind of what I was going for, so it was strategic to walk away from some of those roles and start living.”

Jamie Foxx even praised Jordan’s commitment on the set of their film “Just Mercy.”

“The first day we’re shooting, he had a pinched nerve that no one can figure out. Forty-five minutes of sleep before we shot, and he cared about it so much,” Foxx recalled. “What you did … gives us the DNA of who you are as not only an actor but an activist.”

Jordan worked through the pain, and Foxx noted “At one point, he was fumbling a couple lines. ‘Oh, sorry. Sorry about that.’ And I told him, ‘You don’t have to say sorry to anybody. If it takes you 30 minutes to say one line, you take it,’” he said. “He goes away, he comes back, he runs his speech and the whole courtroom erupted. Standing ovation. … I remember I texted him. I said, ‘Hey, you know you just did something amazing.’”

“Just Mercy” hits theaters on December 25.

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