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Mike Colter is Back Fighting the Good Fight Thursdays in ‘Evil’

(L-R) Mike Colter and Katja Herbers  in “Evil.” (Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS 2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.) 

*Mike Colter is back on Thursday nights in one of TV’s most mind-blowing series, “Evil.” Last seen on the tube as the superhero Luke Cage, Colter’s new task is to fight demons of another kind in “Evil.”

He plays David Acosta, a priest in training. His co-star Katja Herbers (Kristen Bouchard) is the skeptical clinical psychologist. Their job is to investigate demonic possession, supposed miracles, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there’s a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work.

Created by Michelle and Robert King, the team behind “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight,” the two revealed at the Tribeca TV Festival that the evil and racism from the White House on down will rear its ugly head on the show. After the Festival’s Premier screening, there was a Q&A.

Mike Colter and Katja Herbers at the Conrad Hotel in NYC. (MMoore Photo)

Mike, what made you know this was special?

MIKE COLTER: It’s so funny how life works out. They mentioned that the Kings were doing something, and it was like this many episodes and blah blah, blah. It wasn’t a long conversation specifically about it. But I remember my ears perked up when they said it’s a different genre.

I read the script and was like, ‘Wow,’ this is the Kings? I’ve never read anything like that along this genre that they had done. This was a different role and a different subject matter. So I was excited about that, excited for them because it was  such a big departure from ‘The Good Fight’ or ‘The Good Wife.’ I was like, yeah, this is awesome!

KATJA BERBERS: Yeah, I don’t think there’s any other show that I would want to work on. I think I think their writing is just absolutely astounding. Every time I get a new script I’m dancing around in my room. It just gets better and better and more complex. They’re amazing.

“Evil” airs Thursdays, on CBS 10/9c

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