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THE REAL Welcomes Back Yvette Nicole Brown and Guest Co-Host Amanda Seales! – WATCH

*On Thursday, Sept. 26, “The Real” welcomes back guest co-host Amanda Seales, and the ladies address the current rumor about co-host Adrienne Houghton being “The Flamingo” on the new season of Fox’s The Masked Singer!

Then co-host Jeannie Mai explains how she is able to relate to an excerpt from actress Demi Moore’s book where she discusses the lasting negative effects of experiencing trauma as a child. And, Adrienne describes how growing up in the entertainment industry has taught her to turn off emotions during certain situations. Also, co-host Loni Love has restrictions about who should be calling her “Auntie.”

Later, actress, writer, and producer Yvette Nicole Brown stops by to talk about what would make her retire from acting, her screenwriting debut of Always a Bridesmaid, and the reason that makes her say “no” to being a bridesmaid herself.


Is Adrienne “The Flamingo” on The Masked Singer?
Tamera Mowry-Housley: There’s a little matter we need to address. Last night, Fox debuted season two of its hit show, The Masked Singer. And ever since the new season started running promos, many of our fans have been hitting us up saying that one of the characters sounds a little familiar. Like Gabriella San Diego who tweeted “Hold up! Is Adrienne Houghton The Flamingo? The riff at the end of the Lady Marmalade had me like ‘Whoa’. Hmmm. I felt the Latin flavor with some Cheetah Spice and 3LW in there.” So A, do you wanna tell us something?

Adrienne Houghton: I literally don’t understand how people could think that I could do this show at four o’clock in the morning and that show at night. Let’s start there. No, I actually think it’s really flattering ‘cause people are saying really nice things. So, that’s dope. But at the same time, the answer is… no.

Tamera: No?

Adrienne: No.

Tamera: I could have sworn it was you.

Amanda Seales: I feel like if I hear it I’ll know.

Tamera: I heard it!

Jeannie Mai: Oh, yeah, well. Are we…

Adrienne: I haven’t seen the clip. I only saw one thing and I know that… um… people were writing comments on mine, as well. Guys… those breasts are like… my breasts are big, but those breasts are like… really big!

Jeannie: See, but I was looking at that flamingo…

Adrienne: Those are really big!

Jeannie: I don’t know. I know my friends really well…

Tamera: Me, too.

Jeannie: And based on my calculations… you take off them big lashes and that head… and you remove those heels, and it looks about four-eleven to me.

Adrienne: Guys, I’m not the only short person.

Tamera: No, but there was a run…

Adrienne: I thought that maybe it was Ally Brooke. But she is doing Dancing With the Stars.

Tamera: It was a run… The Flamingo did… and I heard a little bit of your voice… yes, and it was like the cha-cha-cha.

Jeannie: You did, too?

Adrienne: No. It’s not me.

Tamera: Are you serious?

Adrienne: It’s not me.

Tamera: If you were, you couldn’t tell us anyway.

Adrienne: No… but, no.


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