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Teddy Riley Admits Writing Hit Songs About Actress Salli Richardson [VIDEO]

*Teddy Riley revealed in a 2016 interview that he was once crazy madly in love with actress Salli Richardson, best known for the 90’s film, “Low Down Dirty Shame” starring Keenan Ivory Wayans.

She’s also the woman at the center of many of the songs he penned for the late-great King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Teddy and Salli dated for about one year (in the early 90’s) and remained friends for a while after that.
As noted by I Love Old School Music, Riley was once asked if any of his “Dangerous” album songs were about Salli.

“Are you kidding? ‘Do You Remember the time when we fell in love,’ ‘I Can’t Let Her Get Away,’ ‘She Drives Me Wild’…do you see how I’m cutting you off?!! SHE was my INSPIRATION!”

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On Jamie Foxx’s ‘The Foxxhole’ Sirius XM radio show, Jamie asked Teddy if the had ever “stolen” another celebrity’s woman. He then confessed that the day he first met Salli at a club, he stole her from Jermaine Jackson.

Hear Teddy tell it in the video above (starts around the 1:00 mark).

Riley noted of his friendship with Michael Jaskon: “I stayed with Mike. We ate pot pies and Kentucky Fried Chicken together,” adding: “The best way he could describe MJ was that “he’s like a homie in the house” really regular and down to earth.”

He went on to explain their bond during the time they collaborated. 

“Michael would always call me in his hot a$$ room, because he LOVED heat. He didn’t like the sun because of his skin, but he loved is room so warm, like you couldn’t breathe, like you just breathing hot air. And he has the heater on the other side and then a heater in front of him, and then a humidifier because he loves stem, it moistens his voice.”

Teddy described MJ a “very warm hearted dude and when you’re behind closed doors with him, he talks about things that you would never expect him to talk about…

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