Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fantasia Says ‘It Was a Dope Move’ When Her Husband Asked For a Prenup [VIDEO]

*Fantasia dished about a myriad of topics during a recent sit down with “The Breakfast Club,” including curbing folks who take advantage of her, and how her husband, Kendall Taylor, was the one who asked for a prenup before they tied the knot.

Below are excerpts from the interview (transcribed by MadameNoire):

Fantasia: “He wanted the prenup and I think that was a dope move. Because he wanted people to know. I don’t want you for… [your money.]”

Angela: If he didn’t say that would you have gotten married without it?

Fantasia: I probably would have…but I’m glad he…

Angela: Tasia, come on girl, we got to handle our business.

Fantasia: Listen, I know, I know! But the fact that he brought it up. That’s my homie.

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Fanny also spoke about her cousin K-Ci from Jodeci, and how he’s experiencing a comeback of his own:

“K-Ci just went through…he had several strokes. He almost lost his life not too long ago. So he is now a clean man. And it’s totally weird cuz he don’t act the same. He don’t talk the same. And that vocal is stupid. Like everything about him. And I told him when he was in the hospital—I told his wife because when he was in the hospital, he didn’t know who I was. I told his wife, ‘When he come up from this, he’s going to be a different man.’ God–sometimes when we don’t listen, I said the same thing about my little brother. When we don’t listen, God will pull something and be like, ‘I tried to get your attention the first time. You didn’t listen.’ And that’s what happened with K. He was going to take his own life. So God had to snatch him back. And he’s a different man now. So some things he couldn’t see earlier because he was so lit, he can see it now.”

You can check out Fantasia’s full interview in the video above.

In related news, Fantasia shared back in March plans for herself, Jazmine Sullivan and Brandy to collaborate on a song for her upcoming album, but she now says that project has been cancelled.

“Unfortunately, it did not go through,” said Fantasia during a press run for her fall tour (via Rated RnB). “It’s politics to this, and when you’re doing something independent and you’re stepping out against the grain, sometimes storms and tests will come; but I’m used to the rain, so I’m okay.”

She also spoke about the collaboration during a listening session for her new album “Sketchbook.”

“It will happen. It’s the politics. I’m an independent artist. Some people had to stop that whole movement because they didn’t want it to happen, but it will happen…”

Check out both clips below.

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