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Weekend Watch: ‘IT Chapter Two’ Has Harrowing Ending

(L-r)  Jessica Chastain, Isaiah Mustafa, and Jay Ryan in New Line Cinema’s “IT  Chapter Two,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

*In “IT Chapter Two” Ringleader Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) assembles members of “The Losers Club” for a kill. He tells them he has acquired a Native American artifact that will put an end to the evil, sadistic killer Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard). The Losers Club was also coined “The Lucky 7” in “It” when Mike became a member. They pledged to come together if the shape-shifting beast Penywise ever appeared on the scene again.

It’s twenty-seven years later and Pennywise is wreaking havoc once again in the town of Derry, Me. Bill (James McAvoy), Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Ben (Jay Ryan), Richie (Bill Hader), and Eddie (James Ransome) come to the aide of Mike. Armed with a bag of tricks of their own, they descend into the tunnels to put an end to Pennywise for good.

(L-r)  Isaiah Mustafa, Bill Hader, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Jay Ryan in New Line Cinema’s  “IT Chapter Two.”  Warner Bros. Pictures release.

I was never a fan of “It” because a clown killing innocent kids is not my cup of tea. However, I did admire the fact The Losers in “It” came to the aid of a black boy and sent racist bullies scrambling. “IT Chapter Two” admirably focuses on adults and not necessarily children. “IT Chapter Two” also begins with a commentary about intolerance. A gay couple is harassed and one of the partners is brutally beaten.

“IT Chapter Two” is  a chilling, thrill ride but after going around for almost three hours “IT” loses steam to become excessive and exhausting. Based on a Stephen King novel, “It Chapter Two” is directed by Andy Muschietti and also stars Jaeden Martell, Wyatt Oleff, Andy Bean, and Jeremy Ray Taylor.       Twitter: @thefilmstrip

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