Friday, October 22, 2021

Woman Practicing Yoga Falls 80ft from Balcony, Survives with 110 Broken Bones

Alexa Terrazas, of San Pedro, Nuevo León,

*When doing the most for clout goes horribly wrong…

A 23-year-old woman in Mexico broke dozens of bones and underwent 11 hours of surgery after falling at least 80 feet from a balcony while allegedly doing yoga, PEOPLE reports.

Alexa Terrazas, of San Pedro, Nuevo León, was hanging over the glass balcony at her apartment building last weekend when she lost her balance and plummeted to the ground, according to Spanish news outlet El Sol de Mexico.

Speaking to reporters, doctors said her ankles and knees will need to be restructured and recovery could take three years. Several social media users have encouraged others to donate blood to Terrazas. 

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A photo circulating online shows Terrazas in the dangerous pose that nearly claimed her life.

One Twitter user called the practice “extreme” another noted: “Please don’t call this yoga. This is absurd and should not be advertised as yoga.”

A third wrote: “I’m sorry (I guess I’m glad she’s alive) but why are you trying to dangle off the balcony 80 ft. in the air to get a pic for social media?! What goes through her mind as she decided to do this?!”

Another added, “Unfortunate development of recent human evolution to practice unsafe behavior just take selfies. At least she survived and learned her lesson.”

Terrazas suffered 110 broken or fractured bones in the fall, and will be sedated for at least two weeks, according to El Universal.

Authorities described the fall as an accident, saying that the balcony was structurally sound, according to The New York Post.

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