Thursday, August 18, 2022

Richard Pryor Jr. Responds to Paul Mooney Molestation Claims: ‘It Happened When I Was Young’ [VIDEO]

*Richard Pryor‘s son is backing up his late father’s ex-bodyguard’s claim that Paul Mooney molested him when the was a teenager. 

As we previously reported, according to Rashon Kahn, the now-deceased funnyman put a $1 million bounty on the head of Mooney when he discovered the fellow comedian and supposed friend had sex with Richard Pryor Jr. 

In a recently published video featuring Kahn (see below), he said Richard and Paul’s personal and professional relationship began deteriorating around 1986, because “Mooney had f*cked Richard’s son by that time.” 

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richard pryor - paul mooney
Richard Pryor – Paul Mooney (TMZ/Getty)

Mooney responded to the accusations (via his rep), saying it’s BS. But when TMZ  caught up with Pryor Jr., he confirmed that the assault occurred “when I was young,” he says in the clip above, when asked about the allegations against Mooney. “Way before the ’80s,” he adds. 

The cameraman then questions whether the sexual relationship was consensual, to which Richard Jr. replies: “How can any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager?”

Scroll up and hear him tell it via the clip above. 

The 58-year-old refuses to address the claim that his father put a $1 million hit on Mooney for the alleged molestation.

Meanwhile, as reported by Complex, Mooney’s representative continues to deny the allegations, telling TMZ that Paul and Richard Sr. were seen hanging out as late as the ‘90s, about 20 years after the alleged sexual assault on Pryor Jr. 



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