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Gerard Butler Talks Leaving Behind Law Career and Piper Perabo Opens Up About White Privilege

*”Angel Has Fallen is the latest extension of theFallen franchise, but this time around “Mike Banning” (played by Gerard Butler) is using his skills to save himself against the country he’s always protected. EURweb spoke with Butler and Piper Perabo who expounded on their political views, the current state of the U.S., leaving behind old careers and a newfound awareness of privilege and how it affects everyone’s lives.

Perabo, who plays Banning’s wife, “Leah,” explained how her interest in politics appeared after realizing she wasn’t as aware as she thought she was. With the film being heavily political, Harris asked Perabo if she hesitates to take on those types of roles.

“No, no I don’t. In fact I feel it’s a privilege to have the platform that I have, especially to be able to…now that I have some success to be able to choose stories that I really – not that I would ever do something that I don’t believe in – but I can be more intentional about my choices,” Perabo explained. She went on to say her decision was inspired by Shonda Rhimes, after attending a panel, in which Rhimes spoke about inclusion within media.

“I was really asleep at the wheel until the election of Donald Trump; it was actually before when the Access Hollywood Live tapes came out. I was so shocked at that behavior as a woman, I just felt like I wasn’t paying attention to the world around me until then. And then as I moved into the movement I started learning and listening. There was just so much that I hadn’t paid attention to because of the privileges that I’ve had, and so it was kind of an awakening. Since I’ve got my ears cleaned out I’m really interested in it,” Perabo added.


As we said above, Gerard Butler plays “Mike Banning” in the “Fallen” franchise, in which he works as security for the United States of America. He’s been killing his job for the last two installments (“London Has Fallen” and “Olympus Has Fallen”), but now the fighting, guns and wars have now gotten the best of him. In this third outing Banning now has to question if he can physically, mentally and emotionally continue his job as the president’s first-hand bodyguard.

He is pinned against the country he has always protected after being framed for an attack on the president, who is played by Academy award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. In his journey, Banning confronts the future of his family and well-being, along with some of his forgotten past.

One of the figures of his forgotten past is father “Clay Banning” who is played by Nick Nolte. Clay is a U.S. veteran who insists Banning quit his life on the line of duty and opt for the desk security job. Clay explains that war is just a scam that no one’s life should be jeopardized for. This reporter, Rocky Harris, asked Butler what his thoughts were on Clay’s moving scene.

“That’s a much bigger question that I am capable of answering but I do believe that it is true. I mean war is not always waged for the right reasons, it’s very rarely for the right reasons, it’s very rarely necessary, especially with the number of conflicts that are going on right now. So you’re telling me any of these are necessary or meaningful, these young lives that are either lost or damaged. And that is a really interesting thing in theme in this movie is what it does take out of you. You know either physically or emotionally, or PTSD,” Butler explained.

He added: “I hope that this movie is also as well as being a fun ride, is calling attention to some deeper issues.”

Angel Has Fallen hits theaters everywhere Aug. 23. For more, check out our exclusive interviews above

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