Thursday, October 6, 2022

Steve Harvey Defends Wife After Haters Accuse Her of Being a Gold Digger [VIDEO]

*Steve Harvey has come to his wife’s defense (again) after fans on social media accused her of “spending all of Steve’s savings” and “breaking Steve’s bank account,” during their lavish European vacation.

On Tuesday, Harvey shared a video of himself, his wife and a few other family members enjoying a meal at La Guérite in Cannes, France, when all of sudden the theme song of his game show “Family Feud” starts playing throughout eatery. As noted by PEOPLE, Harvey couldn’t help but laugh as his wife Marjorie claps excitedly.

But the couple’s vacation snaps of yachts, helicopters, private jets and catching up with Elton John have some critics accusing Marjorie of being a gold digger, prompting Steve to defend their relationship.

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According to Yahoo, Steve responded to the haters with: “You know two people really can be in love… it really is possible,” he wrote on Instagram.

One user replied: “All I say is you are a true hater if don’t like the way this lovely couple swang.”
“I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape over other people’s lives,” one person wrote in the couple’s defense. “Either like the pic or don’t. All the extra is irrelevant. They’re gonna do them regardless. It’s not that deep.”

“Well, I believe Marjorie is a ‘ride or die’ chick!” a fan wrote. “She was just blessed to find her true love! If she knows how to make him happy, more power to her! Quit hating, and be happy for them!”

“People, the lady makes money too!!!!!” added a Marjorie supporter, while another commenter wrote: “You are a bad girl! Love your style, you’re truly in a class by yourself. Keep shining and sharing your shine. I’m watching and am encouraged.”

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